Pike – dream interpretation

Many anglers’ eyes light up when they hear the term “pike”. This predatory fish, which prefers to live in slow-flowing rivers or lakes near the banks, can grow very large and is therefore the catch of a lifetime for many people. But the pike is not only very popular among anglers.

It is also very popular as a food fish. However, he is difficult to breed because of his fighting nature and aggressive behavior.

But what message does the pike contain as a dream symbol? Why does he swim through our dreams? Is it also a sign of feelings of anger or is there something else behind it?

Dream symbol “pike” – the general interpretation

From a general point of view, the pike in the dream brings one for the waking life good course with you in business. An imminent visit can also be announced by the dream symbol “pike”.

Buying a pike in a dream often refers to Tensions towards friends. However, the dreamer does not know the reason for this tension. He should perhaps seek a clarifying conversation about this. Anyone who is bitten by a pike in their dream must expect failures that have come about due to their own carelessness.

If the dreamer catches or fishes a pike while sleeping, there will be many of them in the waking world, according to the general interpretation of dreams difficulties overcome. Eating a pike as a dream image also symbolizes overcoming all upcoming problems.

The sight of pike in the water while you sleep can be understood as an admonition to deal with it emotional world to deal with. You should also take a closer look at what the water looked like in the dream. Was it clear or dirty? This could provide additional clues about the message of the dream.

Dream symbol “pike” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological level of dream analysis interprets the dream image of the pike as an indication of the unconscious. The dreamer should consciously deal with what influences him unconsciously in the waking world.

If you yourself are the pike in the dream, you should have your own interpersonal relationships check. Problems may have arisen here that have not yet been consciously noticed. If the sleeper is followed or chased by a pike in his dream, caution is advised. Because someone close to you seems to be jealous. There may also be a risk of loss.

If you are a fisherman who catches a pike in your dream or catches it with a fishing net, you are trying to strive for power in your waking life. The sleeper is also prepared to behave recklessly. If the pike swims in deep water in a dream, the dreamer is probably in danger New beginning before, but it will prove to be to his advantage.

Dream symbol “pike” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the symbol “pike” in the sense of a fish, making it an expression of a transcendent strength can be understood. But this will only be accessible to the dreamer for a short time.

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