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Our teeth are one of the most important tools when it comes to eating. We use them to chew our food before swallowing it. But at the same time they also help us to portion the food by biting off parts of it with our front teeth and crushing it with our back rows of teeth. The alternative is to chop up some of the food with a knife and swallow it in pieces without chewing – but this would cause problems for the esophagus and our stomach.

But biting is not just an everyday occurrence in our real lives. The process can also appear as a symbol in our dreams. When we bite off something at this level, it can reveal a lot about us and our personality.

In order to interpret the dream image as accurately as possible, what you bite off of is also important in dream interpretation. It should therefore be taken into account whether it was a piece of bread, roll, pretzel, meat, fruit such as a banana or a piece of apple, chocolate, marzipan or something actually inedible that we took a bite of in the dream situation. Sometimes you may even dream of body parts being bitten off, such as a nose, tongue or ear. Many things are possible in dreams.

In the following section we will explain to you what dream interpretation has to say about the dream image of “biting off” in connection with body organs.

Dream symbol “bite off” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Biting off a body part – ouch!

If the dreamer bites another person’s ear, tongue or nose, this can be a clear indication that he feels harassed and patronized by another person. Maybe someone is interfering too much in his life. Biting off someone’s finger in a dream can be related to accusations that you make against the dreamer. You point the finger at him, so to speak.

Biting off a part of the body in a dream expresses the person concerned’s attempt to reject these unjustified accusations and blame. The situation is reversed if the dreamer is bitten off a piece of these body parts.

Dream symbol “bite off” – the general interpretation

Basically, biting off in a dream is a symbol that the person concerned sensual pleasures consciously perceives. For him, eating is not just about taking in food; he places great value on taste and consistency and wants to be able to enjoy it.

In addition, the general dream interpretation sees the symbol “bite off” in many cases as a symbol of one Idea or a Project. This may have already taken on more concrete forms in the dreamer’s thoughts. The dream situation in which he bites something is intended to prompt him to realize the idea. If he puts his inner energy into it, it could ultimately lead him to great success.

The opposite only applies if in the dream he takes a bite of something that is actually not edible or is poisonous. Such a dream situation warns that it is better to keep your hands off the matter. The interpretation is very similar if we bite off something in a dream and a tooth breaks off. Losing a tooth also suggests caution.

Anyone who dreams of taking a bite of bread can also count on luck, satisfaction and enjoy the fulfillment of your own wishes in life. However, if the bread is hard, the dream symbol “bite off” warns of difficulties, Trouble and dispute.

According to the general interpretation of dreams, biting off a fruit indicates good health and Profits. The latter also applies if you bite off a piece of meat in the dream situation.

In traditional dream interpretation, the dreamed image of biting off can have a completely different meaning: Here, the symbol “biting off” has always been considered a warning losses. You risk becoming a victim of theft.

Dream symbol “bite off” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological approach to dream interpretation, biting in a dream symbolizes one satisfaction of needs. This means not only physical needs, but also emotional needs. Psychoanalysts assume that this is particularly true for dreams in which treats such as chocolate or cookies are bitten into.

The dream of biting off pieces of meat is a symbol of the animalistic and instinctual nature Personality parts. The dream symbol “biting off” can have a sexual character in this context. It then represents the desire for power and control.

In rare cases, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, this can also apply if a fruit is bitten off in the dream situation.

Dream symbol “bite off” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream image “biting off” stands for the ingestion of Energy and spiritual nourishment. Through them the dreamer can develop further.

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