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When we talk about the elements, we usually mean the four elements fire, water, earth and air. No element can exist without the other. In the 4-element theory, a distinction is made between the two upper and the two lower elements. The upper elements are also called the heavenly ones. They are intangible and consist of fire and air. The two lower elements on the ground are earth and water, which are tangible and therefore earthly.

The original statement about the four elements is that all existence has its origin in them. Each element is assigned different behavioral and personality structures. However, a person never has only one of these four parts within him. All 4 element types are combined in it, one stronger, the other weaker. For example, they embody character traits or a person’s temperament.

The four elements not only determine the microcosm, i.e. our own body, but also have an effect in the macrocosm, i.e. the entire world around us.

At the same time, in chemistry we talk about elements that are recorded in the periodic table – a kind of schematic overview. A chemical element is a pure substance that cannot be broken down, but can react with other elements and form something new, a chemical compound. H2O, the formula for water, is certainly the best-known reaction: the two elements hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) have combined with each other.

If you saw such or similar elements such as gases and metals or compounds in your dream, you will find their meaning in our large dream dictionary. Simply type the dream symbol you are looking for into the search bar at the top right of this page.

Below we will take a closer look at the meaning of the four elements fire, water, air and earth in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “elements” – the general interpretation

Is the dream about the element of fire, dream interpretation distinguishes between two manifestations. If it is a controlled burning fire, this represents a creative person who is used to acting quickly and actively shaping their life. Just as fire is controlled, he is always able to control it control to preserve. No matter what the circumstances may be.

If, on the other hand, an uncontrolled fire is the subject of the dream experience, this indicates aggression, anger and destruction. Applied to the dreaming person, it can mean that you are very impulsive behavior and can quickly “burn your fingers” through ill-advised actions. However, wildly blazing fire also represents deep devotion and the capacity for passionate love.

Is Earth One of the elements that dreams are about is security and stability, central aspects of their life for the dreamer. The earth is the basis of his existence, his endeavor, growth achieved through hard work and perseverance. People who are earth types according to the 4-element theory are said to have great patience and peacefulness. However, there is a downside here too, because sometimes the connection to the earth is also shown through stubbornness and persisting in old, no longer up-to-date views.

If you dream of the element within the four-element dream Luft, you may have big wishes in your waking life, but they seem difficult to fulfill – intangible. The dreamer loves it Castles in the air to build. The air is often accompanied by a feeling of freedom, because there are no limits to your imagination. In dream interpretation, the air also represents clarity and movement. Air people are born theorists. You love to think and philosophize.

The last of the 4 elements is this Water. In dream interpretation, the feminine is assigned to him. So all the qualities or characteristics that we associate with femininity. For the dreamer, a dream about the element of water can also mean that the theme of his life was strongly influenced by his mother. Often there is also a conflict with the mother, which greatly upsets the person affected and which they deal with mentally.

Water as an element also embodies the moodiness the dreaming person. Just as the surface of the water never looks the same, dreams also have many different faces.

Dream symbol “elements” – the psychological interpretation

Of course, it can also happen in the dream world that one dreams of several of the 4 elements. The dreamer is probably a person who always tries to empathize with those around him. He questions and analyzes the behavior and perspectives of others, but this can often lead to him questioning himself and the world in general.

On a psychological level, people of the 4 elements differ in many ways. A person close to fire tends to have dramatic scenes and loud ones Conflicts. It explodes in a matter of seconds, which can seem disturbing to strangers at first. However, the smoke clears very quickly after this emotional fire and with it usually the trigger for it.

A person with the water element, on the other hand, likes to drown problems with alcohol or sink into a sea of ​​tears. You could say he’s emotional “built very close to the water”.

If the dream image of the four elements is about air, the dreaming person has their own unique way of dealing with problematic situations in waking life. Problems The dreamer can talk wonderfully, tearing them apart into verbal components until he has the feeling that he has eliminated them from the world. Whether they have really evaporated may be of secondary importance at that moment. What is important for him is at least the temporary feeling of relief.

Earth type people like to bury their problems and hope that they will sort themselves out. On the surface, this seems to work, but his subconscious will keep reminding him that there is still something he should work on. In dream interpretation, the earth element is often assigned to people who find it difficult to shed old baggage and open up to new things.

Dream symbol “elements” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the elements represent the Creation and the principle of all being.

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