Eggs – dream interpretation

Eggs always have a perfect shape. It is not for nothing that they say that things are as similar as one egg to another. Each egg, large or small, brown or white, is spherical on one side and slightly tapered on the other.

Eggs are a symbol of perfection and the beginning of all life. At Easter we blow out the yolks, dye and paint the Easter eggs; Painted and decorated, they are an expression of joy at the beginning of spring and hope for fertility. Throwing or hurling eggs at Easter also has a long tradition: an Easter egg is put into a small bag with a long ribbon and then hurled, if possible on a densely vegetated, soft meadow or pasture. Often two or more people throw the hard-boiled eggs at each other until they break the shells.

For us, eggs are an important staple food. We peel and peel them, measure the time with an egg timer, eat them boiled, beat them and use them to make pancakes, omelettes or scrambled eggs, but also in cakes and other pasta.

If someone dreams of eggs, they may be afraid of breaking them. He may wish that they would hatch in the nest and hatch chicks, illustrating the miracle of life. Then in the dream he will probably try to keep the fertilized eggs warm. The dream may not see ordinary chicken eggs, but green, yellow or speckled ones from other birds or reptiles. When interpreting dreams, the appearance and condition of the eggs are just as important as the broader context in which they appear.

Dream symbol “eggs” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “eggs” is a symbol of fertility and new beginnings, but also of fragility. If the eggs in the dream are fresh and undamaged, they are a sign of the creative abilities of the dreamer. He should use his opportunities to realize long-held plans.

In dream interpretation, eggs with broken shells indicate that something will happen soon: an idea is taking a certain shape, the birth of a child is imminent, or certain measures will be taken to achieve a desired goal. If the eggs are eaten in the dream, there is a fundamental one change into the house. The dream symbol can also mean that the dreamer can no longer stop the events and now has to live with the consequences.

Eggs in a dream represent success and prosperity. In dream interpretation, however, it is revealing what exactly happens to the dream symbol. If the dreamer whisks the eggs, the dream warns that a commitment once made will also be fulfilled in the future. Hard-boiled eggs indicate the exercise of Pressure there. The dream takes advantage of a situation or certain circumstances to force something.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol announces the marriage with a partner who already has children when the dreamer takes eggs from a nest. If he sees himself laying eggs, he will be a caring parent. Rotten eggs, however, are a warning in dream interpretation Defamation and slander.

The color of the dream symbol is also revealing: red means danger or misfortune, yellow, black and green represent serious illnesses or a death.

Dream symbol “eggs” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, eggs are a dream symbol for germinating life, for change and rebirth. In dream interpretation, eggs can be a hint from the subconscious that the dream is between two Phases of life located. In the dream he experiences the need to shed mental baggage in order to be able to begin a new phase with a fresh attitude to life.

The dream symbol “eggs” is often also a symbol of skills and talents that still need to be developed.

In addition, in dream interpretation, eggs that are unexpectedly discovered in a dream can also be a symbol of the miracle of life, its endless cycle and ultimately the immortality of the soul. Especially those who have a difficult dream mental period behind you, rediscover in your dream the majesty of being, the gift of life.

Dream symbol “eggs” – the spiritual interpretation

Eggs contain the germ that makes life possible. In dream interpretation they are a dream symbol for the spiritual principle of life. In dreams, people discover their spiritual strength and their ability to achieve perfection.

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