Hen – dream interpretation

The female animals of our domestic chicken are called hens. However, strictly speaking, all female chickens, ostriches and bustards are called hens. Chicken is an integral part of our diet; it provides us with eggs and meat.

A hen lays one to two eggs per day. Although the bird cannot fly particularly far, it is a fast and persistent runner. Chickens scratch a lot to look for food such as grains or worms, and they love dust baths to groom their feathers. They are considered restless and not particularly intelligent. The care of the hen who protects and mothers her chicks is proverbial.

If you dream of a hen, you may be surprised that a farm animal is walking through your dream. There is probably a lot to observe. Does the chicken run around, scratch or cluck? Does it have a flock of chicks with it? Or does it sit patiently on its clutch? Maybe you were more likely to see a turkey or a turkey?

All of these aspects have a certain meaning in dream interpretation – let’s see which ones.

Dream symbol “hen” – the general interpretation

The hen symbolizes luck in dream interpretation. Especially if the dream symbol is a brooding hen or one that lays many eggs, it also represents family harmony and financial success.

A chicken that appears in a dream with many chicks, possibly also with eggshells, was viewed in ancient times as a sign of rich children’s happiness. In popular dream interpretation, what the hen does in the dream and what happens to it plays a major role.

If the dream sees a particularly large and beautiful hen, the animal indicates happiness in love and announces a family reunion. If the chicken is slaughtered in the dream, the dreamer should be careful not to harm himself. If you eat the hen or sit on a nest, the dream symbol means prosperity in dream interpretation.

If you watch a hen laying eggs in a dream, stand pleasant things before. This can be an addition to the family, material gain or even success in business and professional terms. The exact meaning of the dream symbol depends on what the dreamer perceives as a stroke of luck.

If you see a hen in a dream brooding or with many chicks, this means in the dream interpretation Hope and Wish fulfillment. If the hen is chased by a rooster, the dream symbol advises distrust of supposed friends. A cackling hen warns the dreamer of the negative effects of his indecision.

Dream symbol “hen” – the psychological interpretation

On the one hand, the dream symbol “hen” embodies the practical side of dreams, because it is a vigilant and attentive animal. On the other hand, it embodies in dream interpretation maternal characteristics like domesticity and care.

The hen is a reference to the security that comes from the mother hen and to the dreamer’s unconscious perception in this regard: perhaps he feels very safe and well looked after or he longs for it because he lacks nest warmth.

However, the hen in the dream can also be a signal from the subconscious that the dreamer feels too protected by someone. This can be your current partner, but also a parent who supported you in childhood excessive protection has narrowed.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is often a sign of female dominance. Since the hen also symbolizes fertility and reproduction, the dream can reflect both the desire for motherhood and the fear of it.

Dream symbol “hen” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the dream symbol “hen” stands above all for fertility and New beginning, because she lays the egg, symbol of the origin of life. Perhaps the dreamer has to free himself from spiritual confinement and initiate a spiritual rebirth.

In dream interpretation, the typical scratching of birds is a sign of hidden powers or characteristics of the dreamer that should be perceived. In addition, the chicken is a sacrificial animal in many cultures. As a dream symbol, it wants to ask the dreamer to be passive Victim role to give up and actively shape one’s transcendent life.

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