Companion – dream interpretation

A companion can appear in different forms. We usually think of it as a friend, a companion who stands by us, is loyal and helps us when necessary.

In addition to pure escorting, a companion can also act in an advisory or representative capacity, like a carer. A dog is also a common human companion, valued above all for its unconditional love and loyalty. In music, instrumental accompanists supported singers. There are also cosmic companions, which are usually moons of planets that orbit around their orbits.

How can the dream of a companion at your side be interpreted? What’s behind it? When interpreting your dream, you should include all aspects of your dream.

Companion - dream interpretation

Are you wondering who accompanied you in your dream? Were you able to see your companion clearly or did you only see him vaguely? Where did you go? Did he show you the way or were you the guide?

Are you wondering who accompanied you in your dream? Were you able to see your companion clearly or did you only see him vaguely? Where did you go? Did he show you the way or were you the guide?

Dream symbol “companion” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “companion” stands for in general dream interpretation Socializing. If the dreamer was previously afraid of loneliness, he no longer needs to fear it. This is often what lies behind the dream Longing after deeper contact with a specific person. But this is rather rare.

If it was a harmonious get-together in the dream, then the dream symbol “companion” indicates a possible rapprochement. If the opposite is the case and the mood was hostile, then the dream image is a request not to make any further efforts in the waking world. The dreamer would have to give up a lot of himself and endure discomfort if the contact with this person were to become more intense. There can be no question of an actual relationship.

Did you dream of a walk where you had a companion or sponsor or met one along the way? According to dream interpretation, this can be interpreted as follows: you will become new ones in the near future Friendships close.

If the dreamer himself accompanies another person to a departure while sleeping, then this dream image indicates an illness or the alienation of the departing person. If the dream is someone’s companion on the street, then the dream symbol gives an indication that he will spend happy hours with this person in the waking world.

Dream symbol “companion” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “companion” usually describes one Part of your own inner selfwho has become detached or who has discovered difficulties that need to be resolved as quickly as possible.

If the dreamer can clearly recognize his companion in the dream and he is known to him, then the dream symbol shows his desire to come into contact with the person or his desire for an encounter. Unknown companions are variants of dream interpretation unconscious ego of the dreamer. Troublemakers, beggars or peddlers can also appear.

Shadows, which can accompany the dreamer in his dream, have a special significance within the psychological interpretation of dreams. A shadow as a companion in the dream points to the sides of the personality that the dreamer does not want to consciously perceive. These can be repressed memories, shame, Feelings of guilt or fears be. The dream symbol gives an indication that the dreamer has to face these aspects in the waking world and process them.

According to dream interpretation, a well-known or historical personality as a companion in the dream can represent both a wish and a fear, depending on whether the dreamer admires or detests the characteristics of this person in waking life. For example, anyone who meets Knecht Ruprecht as St. Nicholas’ helper in a dream should be careful that fears from the childhood no longer accompany you.

Dream symbol “companion” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “companion” can be interpreted in spiritual dream interpretation as a sign of assistance interpret. The dreamer is not alone when questions arise and receives help.

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