Maple tree – dream interpretation

The maple is a deciduous tree with palm-sized leaves. It is native to more temperate climates, such as Europe and other countries in the northern hemisphere.

Maple tree - dream interpretation

Over 200 species of maple trees are known worldwide. In Germany, however, you can mainly find three different types of maple: the field maple, the Norway maple and the sycamore maple.

The maple is an impressive tree in appearance with large branches and dense foliage, which shines in the most beautiful colors as the seasons change. You can often see maple trees in avenues or parks. The Canadian national flag bears a large red maple leaf as a symbol of the local nature with its vast forests.

But why do you dream of a maple tree? Maybe because you have a certain fondness for this type of tree or is there more behind this dream symbol?

Dream symbol “maple tree” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the maple tree is seen as a symbol of a happy and light life. Just as the leaves of the maple tree can shine in the most beautiful colors, the future of the dreamer will also be characterized by many bright and positive moments.

A maple tree covered in red foliage also offers promise great feelings of love and a harmonious relationship life. If you already have a partner, the relationship will become more intense and you will feel increasingly intertwined like the branches of the maple tree.

According to the dream interpretation, anyone who sees a maple tree in front of them in a dream can also look forward to very good friendships. The people that the dreamer has at his side bring him great things Trust in contrast to. Anyone who appreciates this can count on lifelong and reliable friendships. The bark of a maple tree, as a dream image, can warn you to be less open.

Dream symbol “maple tree” – the psychological interpretation

The maple tree can also appear to us in connection with a certain season. So you might be walking through the fallen leaves of a maple tree on a dreamy autumn day. This can mean the end of a phase of life for the dreamer.

Just like the maple tree unites with the shedding of its leaves cycle ended, the dreamer is also in a process of change. This change can be painful. However, one should always be aware that new things can only arise when old things disappear. Just like the maple tree first has to shed its old foliage in order to delight us with new growing leaves after a period of silence.

If you dream of a maple tree, you may also feel the desire Connectedness. Maple trees also embody aspects of cheerfulness and clarity. If you dream about them, this is probably exactly what the dreamer is lacking. Maybe he’s missing the piece he needs in the waking world right now serenityto look to the future with a light heart and confidence.

How about, after such a dream, you go through the forest and hug a maple tree? As a sensitive person, you will quickly feel the strong power the tree radiates and perhaps you can absorb a little of its energy and transport it into your everyday life.

Dream symbol “maple tree” – the spiritual interpretation

From a transcendent perspective, the maple tree challenges the dreaming person to rise up positive energies to concentrate and use these high vibrations for your own spiritual development.

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