Torch – dream interpretation

A torch consists of a stick made of wood or metal, which is covered with a combustible material. In the past, torches were usually coated with pitch or oil, but today there are other types, such as wax or magnesium torches. The torches are lit at the top and slowly burn downwards.

Torch - dream interpretation

The torch still has great significance today in connection with the Olympic Games. A few months before the games, the Olympic flame is lit in Olympia, Greece, and then brought to the ancient stadium. Here it is now handed over to the first runner in the form of a torch. The relay runners usually transport the items on foot, but this is often not possible over longer distances.

Here other transport options are used, such as horses, ships and others. The last runner then lights the Olympic flame with the torch he is carrying when he arrives at the stadium.

With the end of the Olympic Games, the fire is traditionally put out again. The fire, which was brought by the torch, is considered a sign of peace and solidarity between the world’s peoples.

Dream symbol “torch” – The most common dreams about the symbol

What does a torchlight procession mean?

The torchlight procession, which originally comes from the academic sector, is also well known. During the time of National Socialism in Germany, the torchlight procession under Adolf Hitler or a parade served to publicly celebrate the rule.

If you see yourself in a dream with a torch in your hands and are perhaps even part of a torchlight procession, there are several possible interpretations.

A torchlight procession can also be experienced on the occasion of a Great Tattoo, when a high-ranking politician or soldier abdicates and gives up his service. In this case, the torches carried symbolize the recognition that the dreamer receives from his fellow human beings if he himself is honored in the dream. If he is just a spectator of the military celebration, the person concerned should develop more ambition.

Dream symbol “torch” – the general interpretation

If you see a burning torch in your dreams, then, according to the general dream interpretation, you will also bring light into the darkness in your waking life, or in other words, you will find yourself in a matter clarity problems that may not have seemed solvable for you until now.

If you carry the torch yourself, it promises success in business and in your private life you can be happy because it promises that you will be sincerely loved. On the other hand, if a torch falls from the sky, you may have to expect that pain and Sorrow threaten.

Torches that are going out or have already gone out are more likely to be interpreted negatively and can be a sign of unfulfilled hopes and Wishes be seen. This can be about disappointments or even a bereavement.

Dream symbol “torch” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream image of the torch as the wish of the dreamer Further development one’s own personality. It’s about self-confidence and the need to move forward. Here, too, personal living circumstances are crucial for the precise interpretation. You may feel misunderstood by other people or find it difficult to understand the context of situations or behaviors.

Here the torch can be a sign of illuminating something that was previously hidden or in the dark and thus getting the chance to do so completely new insights to obtain. The opportunity to take completely new development steps and allow for changes is also created.

You know the saying “Don’t hesitate”. This essentially means not thinking for long and just doing things. Anyone who tends to act hesitantly and cautiously in life could see their torch dream as an invitation to risk a little more and simply decide based on their gut feeling.

Watching a torchlight procession in a dream can indicate a specific Understanding or insight that the sleeper longs for in the waking world. If he is given a torch in his dream, he will soon receive the knowledge he desires.

If you take part in a candlelight procession with torches in a dream, you would like to be part of a certain one in the real world group become. Because she represents the same views and opinions as the dreamer.

Dream symbol “torch” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective of dream interpretation, the flame of the fire of a torch symbolizes the life force and with its bright radiance refers to consciousness and the associated ability to bring light into the darkness of the unconscious.

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