Secret passage – dream interpretation

We refer to hidden tunnels that are built into a building or facility as secret passages. The creation of secret passages was particularly widespread in the Middle Ages. At that time, this served primarily as a means of escape, for example when castles or castles were conquered.

In addition to the earlier important meaning of secret passages, they can still appear in a completely different context today: in our dreams.

It can happen that we suddenly come across a secret passage in a dream or use a secret passage to escape danger. Such dream situations can reveal a lot about us and our lives. As a dream image, the secret passage always has an important symbolic meaning.

Dream symbol “secret passage” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, discovering a secret passage is a symbol of the Curiosity of the sleeping person. The dreamer is naturally curious, questions things, wants to understand connections and backgrounds. This opens many doors for him in life.

The dream symbol “secret passage” shows that the person concerned can go far thanks to their character traits. Wait in the future successes and recognition to him.

In addition, according to general dream analysis, the dream image “secret passage” can also occur alternative options to draw attention. The symbol shows that there are different ways to achieve your goals in life. The dreamer should keep his eyes open in order to recognize previously unseen and hidden opportunities and to use them for themselves.

Dreams in which you use a secret passage to escape or hide from danger also refer to different things difficulties, which can ultimately be overcome. The dream interpretation assumes that the sleeper is faced with problems, but is able to solve them through his commitment, hard work and effort.

Dream symbol “secret passage” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological approach to dream interpretation, a secret passage as a dream symbol symbolizes previously hidden parts of the dream own personality. The dreamer recognizes new traits in himself, explores them and thus learns a lot about his own character.

The psychological dream analysis interprets the symbol extremely positively in this context. The dreamed secret passage not only refers to Self-knowledgebut also on inner maturation and Further development. Coming changes in the dreamer’s life cannot be ruled out.

In rarer cases, the psychological interpretation of dreams also understands the symbol “secret passage” as a sexual symbol. The dream situation in which the secret passage is discovered or used then shows a new understanding of your own sexuality at. The dreamer gets to know other sides of himself and perhaps explores new ways of satisfaction. This is especially true when the image “secret passage” appears in men’s dreams.

Dream symbol “secret passage” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual view, a dreamed secret passage can be a Place of refuge be. Depending on where the secret passage leads in the dream, spiritual dream interpretation sometimes sees it as a symbol of new findings in the picture.

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