Heel – dream interpretation

When we think of the term “heel,” almost all of us automatically look down toward the end of our leg. But the heel is not just an end point, it is also an elementary component for a person to walk upright. The heel is also colloquially referred to as the heel of the foot. Many people are particularly familiar with the thickest tendon in the heel, the Achilles tendon; The names of the Achilles tendon and the Achilles heel go back to the Greek myth about Achilles, whose only vulnerable point was his heel.

So what about the heel as a dream symbol? Why does she appear in dreams? What does she want to tell you?

For an accurate dream interpretation and the different interpretations of the dream symbol “heel”, you should pay attention to all the details of your dream. Recall your dream again and think about the dream situation in which you saw the heel in your sleep.

Dream symbol “heel” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “heel” can be seen as the sore point of the dreaming can be interpreted. The dreamer also fears that this known weak point will be discovered by those around him in the waking world. The heel in the dream tells him that he should work on this character weakness.

The sight of a heel in a dream can be used in general dream interpretation for upcoming events bad luck or face misery. If the dreamer sees his own heel while sleeping, he is also shown his fear that other people could discover his weakness.

Removing calluses on the heel with a rasp can indicate that other people appreciate your achievements.

If the dream symbol “heel” is accompanied by pain or an injury, this is a hint to the dreamer that something may happen to him in waking life humiliation and defamation wait. If the dreamer injures another person in his sleep by kicking him in the heel, he will also injure someone else in his waking life, which will get him into trouble.

Dream symbol “heel” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “heel” is also used in psychological dream interpretation weak spot designed. This weakness can relate both to the character of the dreamer and to a plan in the waking world. For an accurate interpretation, the dreamer must analyze or look at his living conditions.

An injured heel in a dream symbolizes one in the psychological interpretation of dreams change in the dreamer’s attitude to everyday things. It can also be seen as an obstacle in the development of the dreamer.

In rare cases, the dream symbol “heel” also indicates one Escape there – it literally has to “To be given heel money”. According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, a visible wound on the heel in a dream indicates to the dreamer that a personal vulnerability is being exploited by other people. The dreamer has not yet consciously visualized this process.

Dream symbol “heel” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “heel” asks the dreamer how his Grounding is in the waking world. This alludes to the dreamer’s ability to be completely in his body and to be in it harmony with body and mind.

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