Lover – dream interpretation

The term “beloved” or “beloved” always has something forbidden in colloquial usage. If someone has a mistress, they usually hide it from others – because they are married to another woman or because the person does not fit their social status. Accordingly, a woman’s lover is more likely to be someone with whom she has an affair than an official partner.

If someone dreams of having a lover, there is probably some tension associated with it. The thrill of being discovered increases the appeal of the forbidden without fear of serious consequences in the dream.

When interpreting dreams, it is important to clarify who the loved one is. Do you even know the person or is it an unknown person? What is the status of your own partnership?

Dream symbol “lover” – the general interpretation

If the dream symbol “lover” is someone from the close circle of friends or family of the dreaming’s real partner, in dream interpretation this is an indication that you consciously want to hurt your partner, for your own sake Attention to get. An unknown lover or an unknown lover, on the other hand, symbolizes the qualities that the dreamer himself would like to have. In dreams you can live out your passions and sexual desires.

They can be found in the dream symbol “lover”. Ideal ideas again that the dreamer has about a man or a woman. In dream interpretation, the dream image is often an expression of The frustration seen because expectations in the real love relationship may not have been fulfilled. Sometimes the dream symbol is also a warning about illegal intentions or the temptation to actually get involved in an affair.

In popular dream interpretation, seeing your loved one is a sign that the dreamer is loved again. There is a person about whom you know “he loves me” or “she loves me”. Sexual intercourse between two lovers in a dream can be both Sorrow mean as well satisfaction. For tied dreamers, the dream symbol sometimes means that loyalty in the partnership is not that important to them at the moment.

Dream symbol “lover” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “lover” can be an indication of strong Dependency from the partner or even serfdom. In the dream, the subconscious draws attention to the fact that the dreamer has a relationship in real life that is not good for him. Maybe he’s just dissatisfied with his love life, on an emotional or sexual level.

If you dream that your partner is having an affair with a lover or that your partner is having an affair with another man, this is what comes up Fear of loss of the dreaming. An open conversation can bring clarification.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “lover” often embodies the unconscious erotic inclinations of the dreamer. The loved one then takes on a desired form in the dream that lives out these needs. In addition, the lover often corresponds to the male side in the psyche of a dreaming woman and, conversely, the feminine side of the dreaming man is reflected in the lover in the dream.

Dream symbol “lover” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream symbol “beloved” corresponds to this in dream interpretation Ideal of one’s own self. The dreamer must ask himself which part of his higher self is ready to be integrated from the unconscious into the conscious mind.

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