Loneliness – dream interpretation

Every person spends their free time differently. Some always need people around them and don’t know what to do with themselves. Others, on the other hand, attach great importance to phases in which they are just for themselves and enjoy being alone.

But regardless of whether you are social or not, each of us still feels lonely. Every now and then we feel alone with our worries and problems and have no one to discuss our thoughts with or to give us a hug.

We can sometimes have this feeling even when we are in a larger group of people. And even on a completely different level than reality, we sometimes feel lonely: in our dreams.

But what can it mean if we experience this actually negative emotion in a dream? How can loneliness be interpreted as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “loneliness” – the general interpretation

Basically, one often feels loneliness and isolation in dreams, even if these also dominate everyday life. The feeling of being alone charged the dreaming. According to the general dream interpretation, he processes this stress caused by the dream situation.

However, this does not apply exclusively. Anyone who leads a balanced life and rarely feels lonely at the moment or in general can understand the symbol in the dream as a positive sign. The loneliness felt in the dream situation shows that the sleeper is in everyday life self-employed and is independent. According to traditional dream analysis, he is not dependent on the support or advice of those around him.

The general dream interpretation interprets something similar in dream situations in which one stands alone in a landscape. The dream image then symbolizes one Decisionthat the person concerned wants to meet without external influences. In order to be happy, he only wants to take his own considerations into account when making his choice.

If you are single in a dream and therefore feel lonely, this can indicate a desire for assistance and support.

Dream symbol “loneliness” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, loneliness is often considered warning. The dream image is intended to make the person concerned aware that they are in danger of isolating themselves too much.

Psychoanalysts assume that a joyless and monotonous life may be the cause of this. The dreamer no longer seeks contact with his fellow human beings. Subconsciously he has already recognized this problem and the consequences that his behavior can ultimately have. Now it’s time to act. You have to overcome your own shyness and learn to participate in social life again.

In addition, loneliness can sometimes occur in dreams as well Existential fears symbolize. According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the person affected finds it difficult to rely on the support of those around them. It’s not easy for him to gain trust.

Dream symbol “loneliness” – the spiritual interpretation

Although loneliness doesn’t feel good even in dream situations, it applies in spiritual dream interpretation not als negatives Symbol.

Rather, the dream image refers to loneliness Holisticness. The dreamer is complete for himself – without external influences.

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