Unicorn – dream interpretation

The unicorn is a mythical creature that mainly appears in European mythology. It also appears in a modified form in cultures outside of Europe. A unicorn is a hybrid creature because it combines the body of a white horse and the horn of a goat.

Unicorn - dream interpretation

The unicorn does not exist in everyday reality. His “living space” is the world of fantasy and imagination. Nevertheless, the unicorn is known worldwide and is also considered a strong power animal in the spiritual world.

The unicorn can also be found in the area of ​​constellations and is referred to here with the Greek term “Monoceros”.

However, it is not one of the classic ancient constellations; it was only included in star maps in 1624. The dream symbol “stars” should be used to interpret the dream image in this area.

Dream symbol “unicorn” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “unicorn” can be used as a symbol for innocence, virtuousness and a childlike ignorance. The sight of a unicorn in a dream often refers to stress that is caused by falsehood and lies.

A dream about a unicorn can also indicate exciting experiences that can occur on a big trip or in love matters. According to general dream analysis, anyone who encounters a unicorn in the forest while sleeping is entitled to it happy times and look forward to favorable opportunities.

If the sleeping person is allowed to touch a unicorn in his dream or even ride on it, he will become one in the waking world inner healing and experience cleaning. If you follow a unicorn full of trust in a dream, you will be rewarded for something good in your waking life. In addition, the sleeper should become aware that their efforts towards a higher goal will be worth it.

If a girl or another person draws a unicorn in a dream, you should focus on positive and pleasant things Changes set. According to general dream interpretation, a unicorn tattoo as a dream image can indicate that the dreamer should trust his feelings more. Because these will guide him on the right path.

Dream symbol “unicorn” – the psychological interpretation

Psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream image of the unicorn as a sign of chastity and decency. It can also symbolize the ability to reconcile opposites. The unicorn as a dream symbol can also refer to that female principle of the instinctive and the receiving.

According to psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung, the dream symbol “unicorn” represents the self of the dreamer. The person concerned should deal with this more closely in waking life. But you shouldn’t neglect reality either, otherwise you’re only harming yourself. If the unicorn appears in the dream as a guide to a hidden treasure, the sleeper receives a hint of his spiritual or tangible abilities that lie within himself.

A unicorn with a rainbow mane or tail as a dream symbol wants the dreamer to come to his dream creative side to draw attention. He may have hidden this too much in his life so far. The psychological dream interpretation sees the sight of a unicorn at midnight while sleeping as a sign of mental, emotional and spiritual cleansing.

Dream symbol “unicorn” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level of dream analysis, the unicorn in the dream embodies the Lovewhich does not entail any conditions or restrictions.

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