FBI – dream interpretation

The “Federal Bureau of Investigation”, or “FBI” for short, is the central security agency of the United States of America. This agency combines the law enforcement agency and the domestic intelligence agency of the US government.

In its function as a criminal investigation agency, the FBI looks after and prevents crimes under federal law. The FBI also acts as an intelligence service and investigates possible threats in advance. The FBI often also provides technical support to other US investigative agencies.

Dream symbol “FBI” – the general interpretation

Within the general dream interpretation, the dream of the FBI primarily refers to discipline and uncompromising Assertiveness of the dreamer in the waking world. The dream symbol “FBI” should make the dreamer realize that he does not allow other people’s excuses and shows a very controlling way of thinking.

If the dreamer is pursued by the FBI in his dream, this can be seen as a symbol of feelings of guilt. The dreamer regrets a certain action in the waking world and feels literally “hunted” by it. In addition, this dream situation can refer to the fear indicate to the dreamer that he can no longer implement his own will once he has done something wrong.

In some cases, the dream symbol “FBI” can also symbolize that the dreamer has gone too far in the waking world. That’s why he now fears serious consequences in his life. According to the general dream interpretation, an arrest or arrest with handcuffs by the FBI in a dream, perhaps in connection with a raid, symbolizes a big one change in the waking life of the dreamer. However, this will not be voluntary. Rather, the dreamer will be forced to do this against his will.

If the dreamer is an FBI agent in his dream, in the waking world he is ready to do anything to complete a specific task. If he pursues another person in a dream, he is also shown that he cannot make amends for a mistake.

Dream symbol “FBI” – the psychological interpretation

The FBI interprets the psychological dream interpretation as a dream symbol to the effect that the dreamer has his remorse should become aware. He was caught doing a certain act in the waking world. He now deeply regrets this, but at the same time he fears that he will no longer be able to act according to his will in the future.

If the dreamer is pursued by the FBI in his dream, he is asked to accept something in his waking life. Most of the time these are unconscious ones psychological content, which now want to penetrate into the consciousness of the dreaming person. By refusing these messages, the dreamer would only harm himself. Only when he accepts this and integrates it into his life can he make further progress in his mental development.

Dream symbol “FBI” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, a persecution by the FBI in a dream can be a dream fear show up before his own actions. He was not fully aware of the consequences of his actions until now. But now they are pushing into his consciousness.

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