Railway – dream interpretation

People and goods are transported via the rail-based transport system. The railway has long become a popular means of transport for short journeys, but also for longer holiday trips. Many commuters also use them on weekdays, which means that some connections that travel on the tracks in the morning and evening are overcrowded.

Meter-long trains with their carriages glide through the landscape on railway tracks. At train stations, passengers can get on and off – or change to the next train if necessary. The compartments of the wagons are usually designed differently: There are large compartments, small separate areas with individual doors and individual folding seats in otherwise empty compartments that can accommodate bicycles and strollers. For very long journeys, sleeping cars are coupled to the railway so that passengers can stay overnight if necessary.

The railway can also often be seen in the dream world, for example when the topic of travel is concerned.

Dream symbol “railroad” – the general interpretation

There are many different dream plots about the railway and the train stations. This is often the case Life journey of the dreaming, which shows itself there. If the dreamer travels by train himself, then he will make good and quick progress on his life’s journey.

If the dreamer gets out, then he will also reach his goal in the waking world. If the dreamer misses the train, he may also miss a good opportunity in waking life.

If the dreamer sees a train rushing through the dream world, it often symbolizes one Farewell, which will soon be coming to the waking world. If the railway is coming out of a tunnel, it means that the dreamer will soon learn a secret about himself.

If the rails are blocked by obstacles, the dream image shows that the dreamer is playing the wrong game. If the dreamer witnesses a railway disaster, bad news from a friend from afar is coming.

Dream symbol “railroad” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dreamed train shows the life attitudes and also the life experiences of the dreaming person. The railway also provides information about its energy and its Driving forces as well as his values ​​and goals that he pursues. From these aspects, decisive conclusions can be drawn about the personality of the dreamer and further development can also be read.

Since you always travel by train with other people, this means of transport is a symbol of that joint movement on the path of life. Individual routes are not possible with the railway because it is tied to the tracks. If the dreamer likes to travel by train often, it can be seen that he is able to integrate himself into community life and use it for his own goals.

In general, the locomotive is used as a symbol for the Life energy interpreted, while the life experiences and experiences were deposited in the wagons. The values ​​by which the dreamer orientates his life and aligns himself accordingly are symbolized by the railway tracks.

If the dreamer is late when the train leaves, dream research interprets this as an indication of complexes or pent-up anger. Sometimes this also shows up Insecurities of the dreamer in connection with his contacts with the environment.

Dream symbol “railroad” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the railway symbolizes a person who is stubborn and sometimes a bit stubborn his way and followed its direction.

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