Selfishness – dream interpretation

Each of us acts selfishly – some more, others less. Basically, we always have our own advantage in mind when we act. However, a great egoist acts primarily in his own interest, without regard for others. He only does or refrains from doing something if it benefits him.

In our daily interactions we have learned that, firstly, the interests of others are just as legitimate as our own, and secondly, that consideration can also be beneficial for ourselves. So when you call someone an egoist, you mean a person who puts their own interests and the freedom to pursue them above those of others. An example of this would be a pasha who oppresses his partner, or the overbearing boss who only cares about his earnings and not the well-being of his employees. Pimps are usually good examples of this.

If you are dealing with egoism in the dream, either the dreamer himself or someone else is seen as a selfish person. When interpreting dreams, your personal life situation is crucial for analysis. Anyone who falls victim to selfishness in the dream world should consider which real person could harm them.

First, we’ll look at the meaning of the dream about being selfish before we look at selfishness in general further down on this page.

Dream symbol “egoism” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The egoist in the dream world. Why you meet him

The dream symbol “egoist” represents a lack of emotional warmth and, according to dream interpreters, warns of health problems caused by one’s own coldness. The dream also shows the dreamer the danger of possibly alienating close friends due to selfish actions and ultimately losing them. Therefore, the dream of the egoist can also express the desire for closer contact with other people – the fear of being alone is too great.

Dream symbol “egoism” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “egoism” as the wish or that Strive of the dreamer for higher honors. However, the dreamer should behave humbly, otherwise he will make many enemies in the waking world.

If a young woman sees the image of acting alone when she is dreaming, this sometimes heralds a man for whom she is better off not should give her trust. The person is most likely a troublemaker and very difficult to deal with.

Condemning another person for selfishness in a dream should make it clear to the dreamer that in the waking world he is surrounded by many envious friends who are currently looking for a way to hurt him slander. If the dreamer himself acts selfishly in the dream, the dream experience is intended to illustrate to him that he will soon meet a professional competitor in the waking world. However, he will be able to work well with him.

According to the general interpretation of dreams, selfish actions in love or emotional matters in a dream indicate one illness in the waking world. If the dream is a young woman and she shows self-centeredness in a love affair in the dream, the dream symbol means to her that she can lose her lover in the waking world and displeasure will call out to her friends.

Dream symbol “egoism” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, the dream symbol “egoism” primarily shows the dreamer that he knows exactly where he is in life and how he is higher consciousness knowledge can win.

According to psychological dream interpretation, egoism as a dream symbol also contains a warning against doing too much Self-absorption and false ambition in the waking world. Especially if the dreamer acts selfishly both in the waking world and in the dream, his unconscious wants to send him a message that he should rethink his behavior. One Behavior change would be appropriate as soon as possible.

If the dreaming person sees themselves as an egoist or egoist in their sleep, but does not act like that in the waking world, then – from a psychological point of view – egoism as a dream symbol can symbolize the innermost wish, more for yourself to do yourself. This means that the dreamer should not always only think about others in the waking world, but should also focus on his own wishes and needs.

Cheating on someone out of pure selfishness warns against actually one Fraud to try in reality. Regret caused by a guilty conscience would inevitably follow.

Dream symbol “egoism” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective, egoism as a dream symbol can symbolize that the sleeper becomes one Understanding reached: The pursuit of spiritually useless knowledge brings him no advantage, but rather keeps him away from the real, useful truth.

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