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Whether in the restaurant, the cafe, the bar or the pub around the corner, we have probably all met her – the waitress. Whether a trained restaurant specialist, a bellboy or a student, the job of a waitress or waiter is to provide the guest with food and drinks and, if possible, to always be friendly, courteous and quick.

Operation - dream interpretation

This can be a very strenuous activity when you consider the distances that have to be covered during a working day. In addition, waiters must have exceptional skill, as balancing plates and trays usually looks much easier than it actually is.

Not to forget that it’s not just the balance that you have to maintain, but also often the considerable weight of the food and drinks, which seem to float as light as a feather in the arms of the hard-working waitresses and waiters.

Dream interpretation has interesting aspects here that can shed more light on the dream of a service.

Dream symbol “service” – the general interpretation

What is crucial for the general dream interpretation of the dream image “waiter” is whether the dreamer was the waiter or was served in his dream world.

For example, if you are being served, this can indicate that the dreamer is more likely to Convenience and likes to be served by others. If a man dreams of a waitress, this can certainly be an indication that he has a desire that may not yet have been expressed sexual services felt and perhaps would like to pursue this.

If you only see a service in your dreams, this can be interpreted very positively, because well-disposed people will be helpful to the dreamer.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer works as a waitress himself, there are also different ways of interpreting this. According to the general opinion, you can see in this dream that the person affected has to work a lot and make an effort. Nothing is given to him and he has to work hard to earn his reward. Furthermore, you should be careful and protect yourself from external influences. Otherwise there may be a risk of losing it quickly independence.

Dream symbol “service” – the psychological interpretation

If the dreamer takes on the main role in his dreams, according to the psychological perspective of dream interpretation, this shows the ability to take caring care of other people in real life. Willingness to help is certainly an honorable character trait, but here the person concerned should use it own boundaries Know yourself well and don’t exhaust yourself to the point of complete exhaustion.

If the roles in the dream world are reversed and the dreamer is being served, he may find himself in a difficult life situation and needs help Rat and Support. The desire for more appreciation and attention can also be expressed here.

Dream symbol “service” – the spiritual interpretation

According to a spiritual interpretation, the dream image of the waitress symbolizes the willingness to serve and humility to show.

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