Poultry – dream interpretation

Poultry is a small livestock and is a generic term for many different types of poultry that are kept as domestic or farm animals. These include, for example, geese, pigeons, chickens, guinea fowl, turkeys and ducks. Some of these birds are highly sought after on our menu, especially because they are much healthier than beef or pork.

But in addition to the positive aspect of the physical enjoyment of poultry, there have often been negative headlines regarding dangerous diseases in these poultry, especially in recent years. Bird flu and avian influenza are the colloquial names for the highly contagious and disease-causing influenza viruses, some of which can cause life-threatening illnesses to humans.

As wide-ranging as the definition of the dream symbol “poultry” is, the possible interpretations in the dream world are just as varied.

Dream symbol “poultry” – the general interpretation

If a poultry plays a role in our dream, it is important for the general dream interpretation not to look at the dream symbol in isolation, but to include the entire dream content.

Positive things can be expected if you feed the poultry yourself. Stand out here prosperity and financial gain. However, if you watch the slaughter of poultry in a dream, you should protect yourself from envy and resentment. There may be something in the life of the dreamer false friends, which you yourself have not yet recognized as such. Be particularly careful not to be taken advantage of.

If you are frightened by the cackling of animals in the dream world, this dream situation symbolizes that you may also be more prone to being jumpy in your waking life and – if you pluck the feathers of the animal in the dream – this may even be the case here Questions of conscience. Maybe someone has a bone to pick with you or vice versa. It wouldn’t be surprising to be particularly jumpy, even if you have consciously suppressed the fact that you may have made a mistake and are now in danger of having an unpleasant conversation.

However, if you desperately run after the poultry in your dreams without catching them, you may also be running after things or relationships in real life that have a rather destructive and unsatisfying effect on your life.

Dream symbol “poultry” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological perspective of dream interpretation, the dream symbol of poultry is a sign inner unrest and tension seen. You may also pay too much attention to unimportant things in life and end up in a thought spiral that may cause us to panic and make us feel like we no longer have control.

If you are faced with a headless poultry in a dream, this situation, when applied to the waking world, may reflect your own confusion or confusion Disorientation wider.

Dream symbol “poultry” – the spiritual interpretation

Since the dream symbol “poultry” involves different types of poultry and therefore birds, the spiritual interpretation here can also be seen in the same way as with the dream image of birds, namely as an expression of the Soul of the human.

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