Ice cream – dream interpretation

Ice cream is a sweet frozen treat made from cream, milk and flavoring ingredients that refreshes us especially on hot summer days, rewards us for certain things, but can also comfort us in some situations. Children are particularly happy when an ice cream is bought for them, but many adults also enjoy the cool dessert.

However, it can also occur to us in our dreams. It happens that people dream of eating ice cream or seeing someone doing it. The interpretation of these dreams can be very different depending on the interpretation approach used.

Dream symbol “ice cream” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Buying an ice cream – why this dream?

A delicious ice cream in a waffle cone from the ice cream parlor or from the supermarket in a practical large pack also appears regularly in dreams. Buying ice cream in a dream can indicate a good time in the waking world, which, however, calls for calm. If you use your free time to master unfinished tasks, the stress built up in everyday life can hardly be reduced. The cool treat brings happiness as a dream image to those who know how to symbolically enjoy it slowly.

Dream symbol “ice cream” – the general interpretation

Anyone who sees ice cream in a dream can understand this as a hopeful symbol: according to general opinion, it promises Luck and a turn of various affairs for the better. However, if the ice cream has a bitter taste, this could Problems and indicate difficulties that will stand in the way of the dream.

The same applies if the ice cream melts very quickly: In this case, the person affected should not wait for their situation to improve, but should also be alert Bad luck and set unfortunate chains.

If the person concerned eats or spoons ice cream in the dream on a very hot summer day, this also foretells this adventure at. They could be very tiring for him and the dreamer might need a break.

A child eating ice cream in one’s dreams symbolizes happiness, but also success in financial matters. If a ball of ice falls down, young women in particular should be wary of admirers: They may have less serious intentions than the dreamer assumes, perhaps their affection is just an act.

If you see ice cream stains on a napkin while you’re sleeping, it would usually be appropriate not to feel that way in the waking world moody to behave. Because that would only harm yourself.

The type of ice cream in the dream can also be important for the general interpretation. Whether strawberry, vanilla, melon or chocolate – each variety can indicate something different. Therefore, the aspects of the respective dream symbol should also be taken into account.

Dream symbol “ice cream” – the psychological interpretation

Ice cream often brings back childhood memories. According to psychological opinion, it can indicate in a dream that the person concerned is still able to be happy about small things in everyday life and appreciate them.

At the same time, ice cream is a symbol of sensuality and (sexual) pleasure. On this basis, it can indicate the importance of sexuality in the life of the person concerned. It is very important to him and he enjoys dedicating himself to this area of ​​everyday life and giving in to his needs for closeness.

Melting ice cream can also… Volatileness of life. In this case, the person concerned is aware that he should enjoy every beautiful moment, as he can never know how long such experiences and emotions will last, whether his own personal happiness might not one day pass and worse times may come.

Dream symbol “ice cream” – the spiritual interpretation

Ice cream can also be used on a spiritual level of interpretation impermanence symbolize. Especially if it is a happy dream, it can bring to mind a possible end to one’s own happiness.

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