Miscarriage – dream interpretation

Around 30 percent of all pregnancies are ended by a miscarriage – technically called “abortion”. The reason for this is that the embryo would not have been viable and nature protects the woman’s body from danger. Since many miscarriages occur at a very early stage of pregnancy and are not discovered during a gynecological examination, those affected sometimes do not even realize that they were pregnant at all.

If the embryo dies at a later date, it is usually a traumatizing experience for the women. The pain of losing a child is often accompanied by feelings of guilt. Medical progress today makes it much easier than before for pregnancy to generally proceed without major complications. Dangers for mother and child as well as illnesses can often be identified early. – The horror is all the greater when a pregnancy ends with a premature birth resulting in death.

The dream symbol “miscarriage” occurs predominantly in women’s dreams. Anyone who dreams of a miscarriage probably feels very afraid or worried about losing something. At the same time, he is plagued by the feeling that he did not prevent the loss. In dream interpretation, however, there can be something completely different behind this symbol.

A miscarriage can happen to any woman – even in the dream world. Men can also experience in their sleep that they are pregnant and lose the child prematurely. Below you will find out what such interesting dreams, which are often experienced, mean:

Dream symbol “miscarriage” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Being pregnant in a dream and seeing a miscarriage

Numerous women experience the dream symbol “pregnant miscarriage” – not only when they are actually pregnant. Seeing a miscarriage in pregnancy in a dream and having the miscarriage is an indication of a setback in life. The dream situation in no way heralds a real stillbirth. It’s more about the end of a project or the abandonment of a goal. What are you currently working on? Try to change course in order to still achieve your goal. A more precise interpretation of the dream can be achieved if one also takes into account the number of babies who died: were they possibly twins, triplets, quadruplets or even quintuplets? How many children survived in the dream?

If you are actually carrying a baby and dream about a miscarriage several times, you are probably thinking and worried about the little life in your stomach. The dreamer wonders whether she is behaving correctly during pregnancy and doing everything to protect the well-being of the child.

Such worries are usually unfounded because they stem from a lack of experience. However, if such dreams of a stillbirth accompany you over several weeks of pregnancy, you should confide in your gynecologist.

Not being pregnant and still losing a child – dream analysis

If you dream of giving birth to a child and losing it, even though you are not pregnant in the waking world, failure may be on the horizon. This can refer to both the professional and private level: the loss of a job or the end of a relationship can go hand in hand with this dream image.

Losing twins in a dream – a double shock

If you experience in your dreams that you are pregnant with twins and lose both children in a miscarriage, your plans in waking life will not go as expected. The dreamer may have been planning a fresh start, whether with a new job or a new partner. This can also mean a new residential area. The symbolic miscarriage of the twins in the dream makes it clear that the subconscious has already perceived the failure of the project.

Other people suffer a miscarriage while sleeping

The man and the miscarriage: Everything is possible in a dream!

Men also dream of symbols such as pregnancy, abortion and miscarriage. Not only do they experience a woman’s miscarriage in a dream, but also in themselves. Suddenly, male dreamers appear pregnant in their sleep and are confronted with the situation of experiencing the loss of their own child. This dream symbol often occurs when the man tries to disregard his own wrongdoing. Financial problems are also often expressed in sleep.

If you are female and dream, for example, that a friend or partner is pregnant and has a miscarriage, you suspect that there are problems with or with this person in the waking world. The dream image warns you to give this person a hand or to have a serious conversation if there are disputes.

Dreaming of sister losing her child

If the sister has a miscarriage in the dream, real sadness may well be felt after waking up. Anyone who has a good relationship with their sister suffers with her – even if nothing like that happened in reality. The dream image of the pregnant sister suffering a miscarriage indicates the deterioration of a health condition. The dreamer should take good care of themselves.

The girlfriend has a miscarriage – why this dream?

Girlfriend’s miscarriage is often a theme in both women’s and men’s dreams. Women usually dream of their best friend, men dream of their girlfriend as a partner. In both cases, the feelings for each other are at the forefront of the dream: you are worried and concerned about your friend’s well-being. The miscarriage represents a stressful and difficult time for those affected. Try to help!

Someone else has a miscarriage in the dream experience

Did a person have a miscarriage or stillbirth in a dream that you were completely unaware of? Strangers usually symbolize a part of yourself. So you are faced with a personified aspect of your personality in your sleep. This character trait has caused problems in the past, expressed by the other person’s miscarriage in the dream. Try to figure out what property this is.

The miscarriage occurs in the dream with a lot of blood

Dreams in which blood is seen during pregnancy are common. A miscarriage is similarly often experienced in connection with blood in dreams. This dream image hides fears of failure. If you are actually pregnant, you unconsciously question your abilities as an (expectant) mother. If you can imagine having children later, the dream of a bloody miscarriage is also a sign of self-doubt. Anyone who has already had children and sees this dream symbol is afraid that they have made mistakes in their upbringing.

Dream symbol “miscarriage” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “miscarriage” is a symbol of modern fear of failure, but also represents sudden end or one Setback. In dream interpretation, a miscarriage can be an indication of an undesirable development in life in general.

However, the dream of a failed pregnancy also has a very specific meaning Loss the workplace, the failure of a relationship or a project. The dreamer may have an idea that is not yet fully developed.

The dream symbol “miscarriage” can also be one warning be to pay more attention to physical health and personal happiness. Indirectly, the dream can also mean that the dreamer is unsure about his plans and therefore with one Failure calculates.

Anyone who can recognize a deformity on an ultrasound image in a dream and fears a stillbirth has an original idea in the waking world – but these are not recognized by those around them. Behind the back of the dreaming person there is gossip and the project is not supported.

If a man dreams of a miscarriage, the symbol in dream interpretation indicates that his love life is in jeopardy or that he will run into difficulties with his earning of money. The dead child in this case symbolizes failure.

Dream symbol “miscarriage” – the psychological interpretation

A miscarriage in a dream – your own or someone else’s – makes the dreamer aware of the fact that something is wrong. One can do that unexpected loss be or the dissolution of a part of the personality.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol surrounding the death of a baby indicates uncertainty and change in real life. If the dreamer is a man, a miscarriage in the dream is often due to the repressed negative feeling about one’s own wrongdoing.

When women dream of giving birth to a dead child, this dream symbol may be based on the fear that a ardent wish does not come true. If the woman has actually already experienced a miscarriage as an expectant mother, in dream interpretation this dream is a sign that she did not have enough time to mourn and has not yet processed what she experienced.

The psychological processing of an abortion can also be shown in the dream symbol “miscarriage”. For pregnant women, a dream with the symbol “miscarriage” often expresses fear for the unborn child: Will it die because I behaved incorrectly during pregnancy? Is it born sick because of me?

Dream symbol “miscarriage” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual terms, the dream symbol “miscarriage” shows a strong meaning in dream interpretation Fear of losswhich in the worst case can even lead to depression.

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