Stallion – dream interpretation

The stallion is a male horse. His female counterpart is the mare. Stallions are non-castrated animals that are mostly used for breeding. A castrated stallion is called a gelding, and castration is done to make the animals more sociable.

A stallion is usually perceived as a very powerful animal. He can also appear in this way on the dream level. What message does he bring for us then? And what does it mean if the stallion in the dream is rather aggressive or old?

Dream symbol “stallion” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the stallion in a woman’s dream is seen as a sexual symbol. He can also indicate here that the dreamer is after a… active life strives, which is characterized by adventure and undertaking. On the other hand, if a man dreams of a stallion, his expectations and hopes in waking life will soon be fulfilled.

According to general dream analysis, the sight of a stallion while sleeping promises successful times. The dreamer may also advance professionally or socially, which will bring him fame and honor.

Anyone who rides such a horse in their dream will achieve power and fame by following extraordinary paths. However, this one will Success attacking his sense of justice and his morals. Riding such a horse in a dream can in some cases also symbolize the ups and downs of life.

If the stallion has rabies in the dream and therefore becomes aggressive, the dreamer should be shown that his prosperity is affecting him arrogant towards other people. He will also become alienated from his friends and indulge in questionable pleasures.

If the stallion appears in sleep more like a rascal, a mare or an old horse, it can be understood as an invitation to the dreamer. The sleeper should be over Behave think more carefully in waking life. Because perhaps you should control your strength and energy more. If the dreamed stallion is still a foal, the symbol should remind you to calm down. The sleeper would need a break.

Dream symbol “stallion” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of dreams places the dream symbol “stallion” as a symbol of male strength and performance out of. Although this is difficult to control, it can also motivate and drive at the same time.

A wild and untamed stallion as a horse in a dream illustrates a high level of Life energy, which is almost impossible to tame. A trained stallion as a dream image, on the other hand, shows that the dreamer has strong control over something in his waking life, although he would much rather live it out. He should be careful here that this doesn’t break out of him uncontrollably at some point.

If women dream of a stallion, they usually long for a strong, male partner. According to Sigmund Freud, the dream symbol “stallion” is a clear sign of one oppression your own drives.

A stallion sleeping in a paddock or a fenced meadow can, from a psychological point of view, indicate a soon-to-be-needed situation Decision Clues. The dreamer has to decide in a certain matter whether he wants to say goodbye to what he knows and dares to “leap” into something new or whether he would rather limit his ideas and stick to tried and tested ways.

Dream symbol “stallion” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “stallion” is used within the spiritual interpretation of dreams as an expression for Life energy understood what the dreamer carries within himself. An untamed stallion in a dream can indicate an excess of vitality. The dreamer can hardly control this.

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