Stretcher – dream interpretation

A stretcher or stretcher is a frame used to transport a sick, injured or dead person. In the past, the stretcher was usually made of wood. It is now usually made of metal and has two or four wheels and a push handle to easily move the stretcher. Such a transport couch can be easily pushed into an ambulance or hearse via a rail system.

Traditionally, a dead person on the bier was covered with a special pall. It is now common practice to transport the dead in the coffin on a stretcher.

If the bier appears in a dream, there are different approaches to interpretation, which usually depend on the other symbols and the overall plot in the dream. Therefore, try to remember as many dream details as possible in order to interpret them.

Dream symbol “stretcher” – the general interpretation

It is very important for dream interpretation whether there is a deceased person on a stretcher in the dream. In this case, the dream symbol can be related to one real death have. In popular dream interpretation it also announces an inheritance.

However, the bier is sometimes also used as a symbol for something new in the life of the dreamer interprets and warns him not to be too sure of his success in something. This interpretation is based on the fact that death is always seen as a new beginning in dream analysis – not as an end.

If the dreamer himself lies on a stretcher as a patient or deceased in the dream, then this shows the feeling of Overwhelm, which he currently feels in the waking world. The dreamer feels helpless and powerless. However, if he is carried on the stretcher by other people, then he will make good progress in waking life and Success have.

If another person is lying on the stretcher in the dream, then there will be someone in the dreaming environment case of illness occur. If the dreamer carries this person on the stretcher, he may be able to save a tricky situation or help a friend.

If it is an empty stretcher that the dreamer sees in his sleep, this usually announces it joyful event at. However, if a bachelor or virgin dreams of transporting an empty bier, then this dream image becomes a bad omen for problems and obstacles.

A bier in a church can be interpreted negatively, for example if it is richly decorated with flowers, because then the dreamer may become one unhappy marriage experience. When a dead person is laid out in the morgue, the sleeping person unconsciously comes to terms with the parts of his own character that he has long thought were “dead”.

Dream symbol “stretcher” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the stretcher is often a clear sign that the dreamer is at the end of his strength. The stress and strain in waking life have taken a toll on him, so much so that he just wants to lie down in the dream world. In this case it is a typical one Exhaustion dream.

In some cases, this dream image can also become one Anxiety dream become. The dreamer often sees someone he knows and who is seriously ill lying on a stretcher.

An empty gurney without a person on it can also be worrying as it can indicate psychological problems. Please include the other symbols of your dream in the analysis to check whether a mental illness could actually be present. If you feel unwell, please consult a doctor and seek advice.

If the dreamer holds the stretcher, it embodies, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams Responsibility, which he adopted in real life. In the dream, his subconscious raises the question of the extent to which he perceives the tasks in his life as a burden. The dream symbol makes it clear that the dream is reaching the limits of its resilience.

Dream symbol “stretcher” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the bier is a symbol of the beginning of the next one spiritual development stage seen.

The dream symbol is also a symbol for the rescue or salvation lost souls in this world and the afterlife.

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