Clergyman – Dream Interpretation

A clergyman is usually understood to mean a priest. But it can also be a friar, i.e. a monk, a Protestant pastor or a dignitary from the Vatican. In the Middle Ages, these “holy men” had an important status, they gave advice and their word was often law in the community.

They were also among the scholars at a time when very few people could read and write. Even today, especially in religious contexts such as some small village communities, the clergyman is seen as a figure of respect and a wise representative of God. He supports the believers in times of need, is their “shepherd,” carries out the last rites, lights the candle at the Easter fire, leads the Saint Martin procession and gives his parishioners and strangers wise advice in seemingly hopeless situations.

These characteristics can be linked to when it comes to interpreting the clergyman as a dream symbol.

Dream symbol “clergyman” – the general interpretation

A clergyman in a dream often takes on the role of a pastor or advisor, even if he is in the sacristy. The dreamer longs for one good advice or needs Trostbecause he is in a difficult situation and doesn’t really know what to do on his own.

Talking to a clergyman often comforts and leaves the dreamer feeling a little calmer. But the conversation can also be on honesty and indicate sincerity. Then the dream symbol is a reminder from the dreamer to himself to be honest with himself and others and not to take part in hypocrisy. Also lying, greed or in general egoism The dreamer should desist, the priest is reminding us of sin and the path of virtue.

Being a priest in the dream world and giving blessings suggests that the dreamer is claiming the rights of another.

If older people dream of a clergyman, they are preoccupied with their own Tod and the transience of earthly existence, especially when it involves a priest. The dream symbol can appear regardless of whether the dreamer is religious or not.

Dream symbol “clergyman” – the psychological interpretation

The search for advice and comfort initially points to a difficult situation or to you Conflict in the life of the dreamer. Where a pastor is needed is Seele in Not. You can ask yourself in what ways you feel pressured right now. Or are you plagued by insecurities or fears about the future?

You may be able to follow the hint in your dream and ask people around you for advice about the feeling of Overwhelm to dissolve.

If women dream of a clergyman, the dream symbol can be interpreted as reinforcing; For example, the feelings that the dream has for a man are highlighted.

Dream symbol “clergyman” – the spiritual interpretation

Anyone who sees a man of God in a dream should acknowledge that there are things that are beyond his comprehension. The dream symbol teaches humility and reminds us how much there is still to learn.

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