Fire extinguisher – dream interpretation

A fire extinguisher is a portable, small extinguishing device that must not exceed a total mass of twenty kilograms. It is primarily used to extinguish small fires or fires that are just starting.

The fire extinguisher contains an extinguishing agent that is ejected using pressure. This extinguishing agent can be foam, water or aqueous solutions, extinguishing powder or even non-flammable gases.

In public buildings, such as schools or event halls, there must always be a sufficient number of fire extinguishers available as a fire protection measure. But even in private areas, i.e. in your own apartment or house, such an extinguisher must be available for your own protection.

Dream symbol “fire extinguisher” – the general interpretation

Viewed from a general point of view, the dream symbol “fire extinguisher” can indicate that you are getting out of a critical or unfortunate situation in the waking world to free can. If you use a fire extinguisher in a dream, you will achieve this liberation on your own.

On the other hand, if other people use a fire extinguisher in the dream to put out a fire, the person concerned will need help from someone else to get out of a difficult situation. In this dream situation, it can also be interesting which person uses the fire extinguisher in the dream. This allows conclusions to be drawn for the waking world as to who can help the sleeping person.

Anyone who extinguishes something with a water extinguisher in their dream should become aware that they are physically extinguishing themselves Energy can control with a cool mind. If a house is on fire and the fire is fought with a fire extinguisher, then in the dreamer’s life the old is being exchanged for the new. A replacement process begins.

If the fire is quickly extinguished with a fire extinguisher in a dream, according to general dream interpretation, this can illustrate the strength with which rivals or other obstacles can be defeated in waking life.

Dream symbol “fire extinguisher” – the psychological interpretation

The fire extinguisher as a dream image primarily refers to one within the psychological interpretation of dreams uncontrollable situation or matter. The dreamer no longer has control over a certain thing in waking life. It would therefore be advisable for him to put aside his feelings and rely on his reason. Only then is further progress possible.

Understood in the sense of a vessel, the fire extinguisher in the dream can also be a symbol of… female principle be understood. It is also of interest whether the fire extinguisher is empty or full.

If you see firefighters in a dream using a fire extinguisher to put out a fire, this can be a sign oppression physical or emotional energy. The dreamer should deal more closely with this disregard in waking life. If the dreamer helps put out the fire himself with a fire extinguisher, this can illustrate a processing of strong feelings.

When interpreting the dream symbol “fire extinguisher” psychologically, attention should also be paid to what is being extinguished in the dream. Maybe there was a fire in your own house and that’s why you used a fire extinguisher? Or were you at a barbecue and therefore had such an extinguisher with you as a precautionary measure?

Dream symbol “fire extinguisher” – the spiritual interpretation

Transcendent dream analysis considers the symbol of the fire extinguisher in the dream as a sign of stormy feelings of the dreaming, which also go hand in hand with great passion.

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