Corner – dream interpretation

As soon as a straight line bends, a corner is created. But the corner is not only represented in geometry, because all spatial structures can also have one or more corners. In addition to house corners and street corners, there are also people who are said to have rough edges. Which corner it is in the dream world can be seen when interpreting the dream more precisely.

Did a corner appear to you in a dream? If so, you can interpret the dream events using our most common dreams about the symbol as well as general, psychological and spiritual dream interpretation:

Dream symbol “corner” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Around the corner – what is behind the dream?

The dream image “around the corner” is a symbol that can appear in many different ways. If the dreamer has turned the corner to the right, he is probably acting more logically. If the direction was to the left, his intuition is often decisive when making decisions. If the dreaming person has killed someone in the proverbial sense, they may want to break away from the influence of a certain person in their waking life.

Dream symbol “corner” – the general interpretation

If the dreamer sees a corner, a corner house or a cornerstone in the dream world, then this is usually a positive sign. The dreamer will have advantages and as long as he does not leave the corner, even disturbing difficulties and obstacles will not be able to harm him.

The dream interpretation is much more negative if the dreamer wants to hide or even crawl in a corner while sleeping. If strong fear pushes him into this corner, then there are threats in the near future great difficulties and problems in the waking world.

If in the dream world other people meet in a corner to have a conversation, then this clearly shows warning to the dreamer. He should be very careful in the waking world because he has enemies who want to harm him. Even a supposed friend can become a traitor.

If you see the diagonal connection of the corners of a polygon in a dream, this can be understood to mean that the dreamer should give preference to his rational thinking.

Dream symbol “corner” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the corner in the dream world always has one hidden aspect. If the dreamer crouches in the corner, then he doesn’t want to be seen. Maybe he’s trying to hide something from other people there.

In this context, the corner can also be the Escape from reality, because sometimes the dreamer tries to retreat into a corner from the real world.

If a corner appears in the dream world, it can be one the change announce in the life of the dreaming. A corner is not a radical turn, but the dreamer will decide to turn and take a different path.

The direction the dreamer takes is also important for dream research. If he turns the corner to the right, then his actions are controlled by his logic. When he turns left, he acts more intuitively, according to his “gut feeling”.

If the dreamer comes into contact with the corner when turning and bumps into himself, then he will also offend somewhere in waking life and be exposed to criticism.

Dream symbol “corner” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the corner means that the dreamer is spiritually undecided and one new perspective needs.

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