Thief – dream interpretation

A thief steals from other people. The stolen goods can be money and valuables, but other things can also be of interest to the thief. Pickpockets specialize in stealing things, such as wallets, from people’s pockets. For car thieves, cars are the target of their criminal activities.

There are very different terms for a thief in everyday language: bandit, crook or thieves are terms we all know. If you hear about them, you usually check to be on the safe side to see whether everything is still in its place or whether something has fallen victim to a crook. With some ethnic groups, many people immediately have a negative association and fear that they will be robbed if they meet them; Gypsies are an example of this.

But there are not only thieves among humans, there is also said to be a very greedy thief in the animal world: the magpie. However, scientists have now refuted the old superstition that the black and white corvids steal everything that glitters, especially jewelry from window sills. In fact, they don’t care about it any more than other bird species.

Criminal acts can also occur in the dream world if a thief appears. Find out more about the most common dreams about the symbol and the interesting ways to interpret a thief dream here:

Dream symbol “thief” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The thief – women also steal in dreams!

If a thief appears in the dream world, the dreamer should think carefully about whether he will embark on an erotic adventure in the near future. Behind the dream image of the thief lies a call for caution, because love affairs can quickly lead to disappointment.

What do you do with a dream thief?

Stop! – Chasing the thief in the dream world

If the sleeping person goes hunting for a thief in his dreams, he may be running after a certain person in the real world because he hopes to have a relationship with him. Among other things, the dream calls you to question whether it is worth remaining stubborn or whether it would be better to abandon your plan.

Catching a thief – why do I dream about it?

If you can catch a thief in a dream and possibly handcuff him, you may soon receive positive news or be surprised. The surprise could also be an erotic love adventure. Furthermore, catching the thief may herald peace and a relaxed phase in life.

Hitting a thief in a dream, take this!

Hitting a thief in a dream indicates to the dreaming person that they are subconsciously in the process of processing aggression and negative feelings. Maybe the person has just been through a difficult relationship and is now coming to terms with this relationship and its end.

The dream symbol “thief house” and its interpretation

In your dream, did someone break into your house and steal something? Did you even see the burglar? There can be various things behind this dream image. It is possible that breaking into the house indicates impending disaster. Furthermore, it may be that the dreamer has no trust in other people.

A common child thief appears in my dreams

If a child is stolen by a child thief in the dream world, according to general dream interpretation, this is an indication that the sleeper is worried because he could miss out on certain wishes, chances and possibilities in the waking world. The missing child also represents certain parts of the personality that perhaps receive too little attention.

Dream symbol “thief” – the general interpretation

The thief in the dream world can be interpreted in many different ways. Sometimes it refers to a desired or planned rapprochement between women and men, which always has something forbidden about it. If the dreamer sees a thief in his sleep, then Love adventures to announce. On the other hand, the thief can also be a symbol that there is a competitor in the relationship.

If a thief is caught in a dream, for example during a break-in, then important things will also happen Secrets revealed. If he can even be arrested, then this can also herald a love adventure, but can also be a warning of danger. If the thief can escape, then this dream image is a sign of disappointment.

If the dreamer is robbed by a thief in the dream, then this is an indication false friends and being dishonest employees or colleagues. If the dream is a thief himself, this indicates excessive demands.

If the dream is caught stealing, this is an indication of upcoming disappointments and unfulfilled hopes. If there is a chase with the police, then there may be business and social problems in the world of security failure give.

Dream symbol “thief” – the psychological interpretation

If a thief appears in the dream world or a theft occurs, the psychological dream interpretation always interprets it as an indication of fear losses. The thief is often the part of the dreamer’s personality that is occupied with pointless activities. Therefore, the dreamer actually always steals from himself.

If women dream of a thief, then they often want to steal away from something and have secrets in waking life. In general, the thief can secret desires or symbolize sexual needs.

If the thief can be caught in the dream world, then the dream image will take care of it Relaxation and the beginning of a new, pleasant phase in waking life. However, if the thief escapes, there will be great disappointment or even a loss.

If it is a thief, then this dream image can be a warning Carelessness be. This particularly affects love affairs, which can end in disappointment. If this dream image appears, then the dreamer should not embark on an erotic adventure too carelessly.

Dream symbol “thief” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the thief is interpreted as the part of the dreamer’s personality, his own Believe not recognized.

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