Humiliation – dream interpretation

Being humiliated by someone is one of the worst experiences we can have. Humiliation often happens in front of others, thereby further attacking the victim’s own self-confidence and dignity. The shameful and contemptuous words or actions of others can often even lead to the affected person withdrawing further and further from social life and no longer daring to go out into society for fear of further offensive attacks.

Only in the context of sexual acts in the BDSM sadomasochistic area, in which sexual partners willingly submit, is humiliation generally perceived as satisfaction. In all other cases, the feeling of being humiliated is very negative.

Furthermore, regardless of whether one has experienced humiliation in real life or not, people can dream about it. But how can these dreams be interpreted? What does it mean to be humiliated in a dream, or even to embarrass another person?

Dream symbol “humiliation” – the general interpretation

In general, experiencing humiliation in a dream does not necessarily mean something negative: rather, it is seen as a good omen for the future. The dreamer becomes great in real life Luck and Success have. A time that was dominated by problems and worries will now be over.

The person concerned may have been thinking about changing jobs or making changes on a personal level for a long time. Now would be a good time for these new ventures. He can develop hopes and trust that his plans will develop positively and that he can achieve his goals. In addition, it is quite possible that he will be surprising Gifts is received.

On the other hand, anyone who dreams of humiliating another person, perhaps out of sadism, is generally believed to be in a strong (professional) position. competition. The dreamer behaves too shyly and should try to represent his own views and opinions more confidently, to make himself heard and to achieve his goals. Although he shouldn’t lose his temper and control, he should still show what he stands for.

Dream symbol “humiliation” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, humiliation in a dream can also occur low self-confidence refer. At this level of interpretation it is irrelevant whether the dreamer is the victim of the humiliation or the perpetrator.

Either way, psychoanalysts see the symbol as an expression of one shy personality, who doesn’t know how to assert themselves in everyday life or in their professional life, and who doesn’t have enough confidence in themselves. It is therefore important that those affected reflect on their own strengths and abilities and learn to trust themselves again.

Dream symbol “humiliation” – the spiritual interpretation

Anyone who humiliates someone in a dream should see this as an indication of their own spiritual action interpret. It is up to him to assess how bad his dream action was and to draw the appropriate conclusions from it.

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