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The word “ceiling” is a so-called “tea kettle” in German, which means it has two meanings. On the one hand we mean a large piece of textile that is woven, knitted or cut and sewn for the dining table, as a bed cover or blanket, or simply used to curl up in front of the TV. On the other hand, a ceiling can mean the upper boundary of a room, for example a room. We would like to cover both meanings in this article:

Even in our childhood we felt safe and protected under a blanket. It not only provides warmth, but also a feeling of security. But even in adulthood, many people love to wrap themselves in a fluffy blanket on the couch and cannot sleep without a soft blanket. The shroud, which is ultimately placed protectively over the dead, can also be understood as a final protective blanket.

There are very different types of blankets, the difference usually lies in the material used to make them: there is the warm wool blanket, the down blanket for particularly cold winter days, the elegant cashmere blanket, and the much easier-care synthetic fiber blanket. Depending on the season, we use a light summer blanket or a thick winter blanket to sleep on. In addition to synthetic fibers, natural materials are often used for blankets; we find these in a natural hair blanket or natural fiber blanket.

As a component, we probably come across a blanket every day because it gives us protection. Ceilings in buildings reduce sound and therefore noise and provide protection from cold or fire. A ceiling can be made of different materials, depending on the purpose it serves and how much load it has to carry as a floor on a floor above: There are ceilings made of wood, concrete, stone, metal or a combination of these.

A blanket can be experienced in dreams as both a warming textile and a component. How can these dreams be interpreted?

The dream of the ceiling collapsing is experienced and reported by a particularly large number of sleepers. So we would like to first interpret this dream before we turn to the general approach to interpretation.

Dream symbol “blanket” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Danger of collapse! The ceiling collapses in the dream

If the ceiling of a house collapses in a dream, something inside the sleeper is probably confused. That’s why the person is extremely dissatisfied with their current life situation. If the dreamer is the resident of the house that is in danger of collapsing, this dream experience warns of physical and mental illnesses. The blanket embodies the views and plans of the dreaming person. If it is about to collapse, the sleeper should make appropriate adjustments to their everyday life.

A collapsing ceiling warns of dissatisfaction and unhappy moments in the waking world.

Dream symbol “blanket” – the general interpretation

Seeing one or more Textile blankets According to general opinion, in a dream promises an imminent one Visit or a happy addition to the family. At the same time, it expresses that the person affected is never alone in real life and always has many people around them.

If the dream is about a new or a bright white ceiling, he can also think about future ones successes happy in different areas of life. This can also refer to the health of the dreamer: There may have been a risk of suffering a serious illness soon, but this will not happen due to unexpected circumstances.

However, if a dirty blanket is seen in a dream, the symbol means less positive things. In this case it warns about one Treason. The person affected should be careful who they trust and question the real intentions of others.

Anyone who is wealthy in real life and buys a blanket in a dream or receives it as a gift should also be careful. This could be financial losses show. The opposite applies if the dreamer is actually poor, because then buying a blanket promises a future improvement in the (financial) situation.

Crocheting a blanket in a dream usually warns of excessive curiosity in the waking world. In addition, anyone who dreams of wrapping themselves in a warm blanket or using an electric blanket is, according to general opinion, in real life very carefully. The dreamer is afraid of enemies and also worries if his friends or family members reveal too much to other people.

If you pull the blanket over your head in your dream because of someone else’s loud snoring, you usually don’t want to deal with family tensions.

However, the dreamer recognizes it no Blankets made of fabric, but one ceiling in his sleep experience, the dream interpretation is different:

That one will have to get smaller soon restrictions accept in life. At the same time, a high ceiling can literally “a lot of room for improvement” show, which means that a development or a project still has many possibilities. This potential is far from exhausted. If, on the contrary, the ceiling of the room is very low, so that you can hardly stand in the dream, this sleeping experience often signals that the dreamer will soon reach his limits.

A destroyed ceiling with cracks and possibly even holes is a very positive dream image: it shows that the opportunities are far better off in a particular matter than expected. If the sleeper is attentive now, he can achieve very great success in reality, because obstacles disappear as if by themselves.

Flying is a dream motif that almost every person has experienced at least once in their sleep. If you now fly up to the ceiling and remain there in a floating state because further flight is blocked, the person concerned has reached a barrier. That means being Level of development is currently completed and is at its highest level. But who knows, a new door might open in the future?

If a ceiling in the house is not tight and water is dripping down, the dream situation often refers to the internal one uncertainty of the sleeping person. The person is worried about the future. Anyone who then goes to the floor above in a dream to see where the water comes from will be confronted with an unpleasant truth in the waking world.

Dream symbol “blanket” – the psychological interpretation

The comforting character of a soft, warm blanket is also reflected in the psychological interpretation of the blanket as a dream symbol. Anyone who dreams of wrapping themselves in one longs for it in real life Trost, warmth and Schutz. He quickly feels overwhelmed and alone in everyday life.

Hiding under a protective blanket also indicates problems: According to some psychoanalysts, this shows that the dreamer is in one inner conflict and trying to hide something from the outside world and maybe even from himself. He is not in harmony with his own personality or a certain action and feels shame or guilt.

If there is another person in the dreamed hiding place under the blanket, this symbolizes a confidant, an ally with whom the person concerned has a close relationship and with whom he shares his secret.

Dream symbol “blanket” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual view, a blanket symbolizes in a dream spiritual care.

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