Harpsichord – dream interpretation

The harpsichord is a keyboard instrument similar to a piano. However, unlike a piano where the strings are struck, on a harpsichord these are plucked. The heyday of the harpsichord was between the 15th and 18th centuries. Probably the most important composer of harpsichord music was Johann Sebastian Bach, who composed a large number of harpsichord works.

Externally similar to the piano, the tone of a harpsichord is clearer and brighter, one could also say, more playful. Musicians often ask themselves whether pieces written by a composer for the harpsichord can also be played on the – although harder-sounding – piano. There are no clear guidelines on this. It’s probably more a question of personal preference when it comes to music.

The harpsichord can also appear as a dream symbol, regardless of whether we are musicians ourselves or not. You can read what such a dream can mean in the following article.

Dream symbol “harpsichord” – the general interpretation

From the point of view of general dream interpretation, the sound of harpsichord music in the dream world can be Success and a sound Health Clues. Above all, the mostly lovely sounds of the harpsichord embody lightness and cheerfulness.

Transferred to the waking world, the dreamer can therefore expect that everything he starts in the near future will be successful and that plans can be implemented without much difficulty.

If the sounds that you hear from the harpsichord in a dream are inharmonious and oblique, the dreamer will soon have to deal with matters that involve a lot Trouble will bring with it. If you play the harpsichord yourself and only get false sounds out of it, this indicates that in reality you are often dissatisfied with your own performance.

In addition, the harpsichord as a dream image is also a symbol of Past. If it appears in our dream world, we may have not accepted good advice or hints given to us in the past. From this the dreamer should now learn to think better about his decisions in the future and thus avoid mistakes by acting hastily.

Dream symbol “harpsichord” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dream analysis, the harpsichord – similar to the piano – embodies this Female. This feminine aspect is particularly evident here through the subtlety of the tones and the delicate sounds and melodies played by the harpsichord.

Just as a certain level of sensitivity is required to play a harpsichord correctly, so too for the dreaming person it is about discovering the softness and sensitivity within themselves. This applies equally to female and male dreamers, because both women and men have female parts.

Watching the harpsichord playing in a dream can also be useful to the dreamer Longing bring into consciousness after tenderness and physical touch.

Dream symbol “harpsichord” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the sounds of a harpsichord in a dream are symbolic of playfulness ease on the path of spiritual development.

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