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Casting is a selection process for different artistic representations and productions. Actors, models, singers – they all have to introduce themselves to those responsible at a casting and convince them of their skills and qualities. Non-professionals such as small actors and extras also go through such application processes for some productions.

Shows in a casting format are very popular. The viewer feels entertained and the embarrassment of many candidates is always a good guarantee for the TV stations for high ratings for such a casting show. Shows like “DSDS” (“Germany is Looking for the Superstar”), “GNT” (“Germany’s Next Top Model”) or “The Voice” are extremely popular and successful examples of casting shows. Not only are real talents sought and promoted, but the untalented ones – who have registered voluntarily – are also put on public display. However, few of the casting winners end up becoming real permanent “stars”.

But we can also dream about a casting instead of just watching it on TV. As a casting candidate, the dreamer may be intimidated by the cameras and the audience. Perhaps in the dream he is also sitting as a spectator in the television hall and watches what is happening on stage enthusiastically or critically. For dream interpretation it is interesting what role the dreamer plays in this dream symbol.

In the following text you will learn everything about interpreting a casting in the dream world.

Dream symbol “Casting” – the general interpretation

If you see yourself at a casting in the dream world, in real life it’s about proving something to yourself. One is of his skills Convinced, but you don’t get the recognition you think you deserve.

Think again about how you presented yourself in the casting. What is important here is the feeling and not the topic that the casting was about. However, this can be used in addition to dream analysis, for example with the symbols “singing” or “dancing”. Did you feel confident auditioning? Or were you more afraid of how the jury would judge you? Do you have enough self-confidence – or do you not? Why do you think you have to prove something to yourself? Shouldn’t it be enough that you yourself know what you can do?

If you dream of a casting show where the stage is still empty, the dream symbol can be an invitation to have more confidence in yourself shyness to overcome. If there are other people who show their skills in the show in the dream, this reflects secret envy towards others, according to the dream interpretation.

A casting can also be a dream symbol in the near future successes in the professional area. Maybe you can even make dreams come true that you secretly hoped would come true but didn’t believe in. The casting can also be for one competition that one has to deal with in reality. Especially if you see yourself in the casting with other competitors, you should work on convincing people in real life through your skills and authenticity.

If you dream of becoming a celebrity after a casting, the dream symbol warns you failures and negative changes. However, if you remain an unknown film actor or artist of any kind, you are on the right path.

According to the dream interpretation, a dream in which you demonstrate your qualities as a model on the catwalk or in front of the camera is a warning about financial transactions that bring losses and lead to arguments and regrets.

Dream symbol “Casting” – the psychological interpretation

The casting shows the dreamer his own high level as a dream symbol Claim of himself. He demands a lot from himself and wants to excel in all areas. The dreamer is not satisfied with average performance. However, there is also the danger of setting the standard so high at some point that you can hardly achieve it yourself. This ultimately leads to a constant feeling of pressure, always accompanied by the fear of failure.

In psychological dream interpretation, introducing yourself at a casting can also embody the desire for attention and admiration. Especially if there is applause and many positive voices for a casting performance in the dream, the sleeper wants more praise for the waking world.

From a psychological point of view, it is important to note which role exactly the dreamer takes on in the casting show. A woman who sees herself as a top model probably suffers from self-doubt in reality. Because the dream symbol not only shows the fame and success of the participants in the show, but also illustrates the dark side of it competition.

According to the dream interpretation, the psyche of the dreamer suffers from the demand on itself to correspond to a certain ideal image. In the dream of a casting, the subconscious defends itself against this constant pressure to perform.

Dream symbol “Casting” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual perspective of dream interpretation, the dream image “Casting” represents the pursuit of higher goals and discovering new ones mental potentials.

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol of a game show provides the stage on which the dreamer can objectively assess his or her mental progress. He can take on the role of actor and spectator at the same time and thus influence his spiritual development.

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