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The thumb is a very special finger. It is shorter than the others and consists of only two finger bones instead of the usual three. Because of its mobility and because the thumb can exert counter pressure on the other fingers, humans and many species of monkeys are able to grasp and hold objects. This is a decisive evolutionary advantage over other mammals.

The thumb is also the strongest of our fingers; we use nine different muscles for it. It also appears linguistically on many occasions: to express agreement you raise your thumb, to express disagreement you lower it; If you want to put others under pressure, you tighten the proverbial “thumb screws”. To hitchhike, hold out your hand with your thumb pointing upwards.

If you dream of a thumb, you may not be impressed by the short and stocky finger. The dreamer realizes how much he needs it when he doesn’t have one in the dream. But he may also dream that he is rooting for someone. The appearance of the dream symbol is a crucial factor in dream interpretation.

Anyone who misses a thumb in a dream is probably wondering what this dream symbol means. This dream phenomenon is explained in the following interpretative text:

Dream symbol “thumb” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The thumb is severed, a strange dream

It’s certainly a strange feeling to lose your thumb while experiencing a dream. As a rule, this dream situation says that the dreamer is losing strength. This does not mean physical energy, but rather psychological energy. His will is weak and the person affected probably has problems asserting his interests or asserting himself. In his opinion, he lacks the strength for this effort.

Dream symbol “thumb” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “thumb” heralds a carefree life, which you have to work for first. The most important finger represents skill and strength, both of which are prerequisites for this Succeed a company.

If the thumb is noticeably large in the dream, on the one hand this can mean that success will also be great. On the other hand, a disproportionately large finger can impair freedom of movement. The dream symbol also warns of a loss of personal freedom. According to dream interpretation, a particularly small thumb promises a pleasant time, but it is limited.

If the thumbnail is very long, the dream symbol represents, according to the dream interpretation, a tendency towards a loose one lifestylewhich harms the dreamer.

A sore thumb is a dream symbol of disadvantages and setbacks in business. The dream may also suffer from the behavior of colleagues. An injury to this important finger also indicates financial problems difficulties, illnesses or other obstacles. This is especially true if the wound severely impairs the ability of the hand to function in the dream.

In popular dream interpretation, a single thumb represents an uncertain future, while the amputation of the finger corresponds to the loss of a relative.

Dream symbol “thumb” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the thumb is a symbol of the personal characteristics of the dreamer. It enables a firm grip and points to this as a dream symbol Assertiveness and the Energy of the dreamer.

In addition, the dexterity of the hand depends largely on the use of the thumb. Thus, the dream also represents creativity and artistic talent of the dreamer. The subconscious uses the dream symbol to make it clear under certain circumstances that he cannot live out his productivity.

According to dream interpretation, the appearance of the finger is also important:

If the thumb is very short in the dream, the dream symbol can indicate both a creative problem and a lack of energy to actively use one’s own creativity. A very large finger represents the will to succeed and the ability to maintain control. Accordingly, missing thumbs indicate loss of control and lonliness hin.

In psychological terms, the thumb can also be a Sexual Symbol be. In dream interpretation, sucking your thumb is a metaphor for masturbation, in which the dreamer feels shame and fear. In this context, the dream symbol represents an escape into the so-called “oral phase” of early childhood.

If the thumb is also dirty, the subconscious will stop dreaming desires attentive, which the dreamer perceives as vicious and undesirable.

Dream symbol “thumb” – the spiritual interpretation

For the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream plot is particularly important. If the dreamer forms a fist with the help of his thumb, this can reflect the desire to hold on to what he has achieved mentally. In addition, the dream symbol embodies courage, self-confidence and combat power.

If the thumb is pointed upwards in a dream, it is an indication of positive energies, while a thumb pointing downwards is an indication of negative ones. If the dreamer has the proverbial “green thumb” for plant care, the dream symbol represents growth.

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