Dachshund – dream interpretation

The Dachshund is one of the most popular dog breeds in Europe and North America. In Germany there is something bourgeois and bourgeois about the “Waldi”. With its elongated body, short, slightly crooked legs and wagging, thin tail, it cuts a rather funny figure. The few pounds of dog are surprisingly courageous and self-confident. Originally bred to hunt in badger dens, the dachshund or dachshund also had to maintain a certain degree of independence and stubbornness.

In everyday language, the dachshund is often used to make fun of something: dachshund legs are an unflattering term. If someone comes at you, they won’t make any real progress despite all their efforts. However, the dachshund look makes people melt. Whoever controls it usually gets what they want.

A dachshund in a dream probably triggers positive feelings in the dreamer. After all, the dog is a friendly companion that you can play and cuddle with. On the other hand, a dachshund can bite if it has to. That is why the relationship between the dreamer and the animal plays an important role in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “Dachshund” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “Dachshund” embodies vitality and joy of life, loyalty and devotion, but also a good portion of stubbornness and a tendency to brood. In dream interpretation, these terms either mean that the dreamer has many such moments of happiness and happiness in his life Lust for life experienced, or that it is high time to treat yourself to it. The dachshund supports him as a loyal companion at his side.

On the other hand, the dream symbol can also indicate to the dreamer that he thinks less and hesitates, but rather favorable opportunityIf it presents itself, you should actively seize it.

In addition, the dachshund as a dog is always a symbol of loyalty as well as for obedience. If man’s best friend appears in a dream, the question arises about the reliability of the dreamer and the object of his unconditional love.

In dream interpretation, the dachshund is the one for the dreamer Connection to the animal kingdom as well as the original, wild nature within oneself. Likewise, the pack animal in the dream symbolizes the concepts of protection, loyalty and friendship.

Dream symbol “Dachshund” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dachshund has one ambiguous character: The gentle side is loyal devotion and protective behavior towards its master, the aggressive side is expressed in the fact that a dog is ready to chase away enemies or even attack if necessary.

For dream interpretation it is important what relationship the dreamer has to the dachshund in his dream. Does the dream refer to a dog he knows or knew? Then the dream may reflect a happy one Childhood memory. If you don’t know the animal, it simply symbolizes the typical character traits of a dog in general, in which the dreamer sometimes recognizes himself.

In dream interpretation, fear dreams with the dream symbol “dachshund” are also known, for example if the dreamer is actually afraid of dogs. But if he normally likes dogs and is only frightened by the dachshund in the dream, this could be a sign for the current situation vulnerability to be the dreamer.

As a dream symbol, dachshunds can also be a symbol of shoots and instincts, but also for male sexual aggressiveness. In dream interpretation, they are then to be understood as a request not to suppress this part of the psyche so strongly.

Finally, the dachshund in the dream can also represent another person in the dreaming’s life and the feelings that the dreaming has towards them. To interpret the dream, you then have to ask yourself whether the relationship in the dream was the classic dog-master relationship or more of an equal one.

Dream symbol “Dachshund” – The spiritual interpretation

The dog is a shamanic spirit animal that represents loyalty, bravery, conflict resolution and team spirit. Be Instinct and intuitive knowledge In dream interpretation, the dog is an important ally and guide in the spiritual world.

The dream symbol “Dachshund” denotes a favorable relationship between the dreamer and his unconscious spiritual powers.

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