Diadem – dream interpretation

In ancient times, a diadem initially served as a narrow headband to hold the hair together. However, this quickly developed into a special type of crown in the form of a crescent-shaped headband. The emphasis was on the middle of the forehead, which was often additionally highlighted by a special gemstone.

The tiara is still relevant today and is also worn by female members of various royal families on various festive occasions. It is also often worn by brides as jewelry when they get married or by young girls who want to particularly decorate themselves for a ball, for example. Beauty queens are also often crowned with a tiara.

Since a diadem can be seen on the dream level in close connection to the dream symbol “crown”, the aspects of this dream image should also be used for the interpretation.

Dream symbol “diadem” – the general interpretation

Viewed from a general point of view, the dream image “diadem” refers to a specific one recognition or honor that the dreamer will soon receive in waking life. His achievements and successes will be recognized by other people.

Putting on such a headband in a dream can also indicate an imminent award. On the other hand, if the dreamer places a tiara on another person’s head, he is allowed to stand up joyful times be happy. He will also be satisfied with his life situation.

The loss of a tiara as a dream image illustrates insults and insults in the waking world. Anyone who finds a diadem in their dream wishes for fame and honor as well as great things for themselves View. In this context, the place where the diadem was found can also play a role and should be considered for interpretation. A box, for example, can represent additional surprises.

If a bride wears a tiara at her wedding in a dream, she can look forward to a good and happy relationship be happy. If a young girl wears a sparkling tiara while sleeping, she receives a warning that her expectations cannot be fulfilled.

Anyone who sees Rowena Ravenclaw’s tiara from the Harry Potter novels in their dream usually behaves intelligently and brightly in the waking world.

The texture or material can also play an important role in the general interpretation of the dream symbol “diadem”. Was the tiara perhaps made of gold or silver? Was it adorned with many gems and jewels or just a simple circlet? All of these clues can provide further conclusions about the message of the dream.

Dream symbol “diadem” – the psychological interpretation

On a psychological level, this is primarily what a tiara as a dream image shows excessive zeal of the sleeper for distinction, confirmation and honor. However, with this excessive striving the dreamer only makes himself ridiculous in the waking world.

In some cases, a dream about a tiara can also be a reference to one’s own consciousness and hide your own mind. What meaning is hidden behind it can then be seen from the respective life circumstances of the dreamer.

The sight of a woman with a tiara in a dream indicates confirmation of the female power and the ability to use one’s intellectual talents to achieve supremacy.

Anyone who proudly wears a tiara in their dream receives an indication of their strong self-confidence. You also know what effect it has on other people and can use it in a targeted manner. If the dreamer is jealous of another person in their sleep because they have a diadem on their head, they would like to have that person’s good position in their waking life. Because he seems to “outshine” everyone else.

Dream symbol “diadem” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, this is expressed in the circular shape of the dream symbol “diadem”. larger whole of spiritual existence. In addition, the diadem in the dream can be seen as a symbol of the Queen of Heaven.

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