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Dreams and dream images are sometimes interpreted very differently depending on the culture. Everyday life has an influence on dream events and interpretation, which is why it is sometimes completely different in China. The Chinese are deeply rooted and hold very strongly to their beliefs. When interpreting dreams, the individual symbols in the European and Chinese traditions differ fundamentally:

For example, in China a dragon is a symbol of good luck, while in Europe it indicates the exact opposite. A burning house is a sign of a money-rich blessing, while much of the Western world believes in great poverty and misery.

The dream of a European traveling to China in his sleep also has a special meaning. Whether you dream of Chinese food, a beautiful Asian woman, Chinese characters, a circus with Chinese acrobats, the metropolis of Hong Kong, a metropolis of millions, or the island of Macau, the Las Vegas of China, all of this is related to the dream symbol “China”. Images such as a Buddha statue or religious ceremonies can also be the subject of such a dream. Or an animal that originally only occurs in China, like the giant panda.

Find out more about the exciting country of China in your dreams in the following text:

Dream symbol “China” – the general interpretation

Around 1,000 BC lived Zhou Gong, an influential scholar of the Zhou Dynasty who is referred to as the God of Dreams. The Chinese believe that Zhou Gong will appear to them in dreams when something crucial happens in their lives. In contrast to modern European dream interpretation, dreams in China serve as a kind of future prediction. They have nothing to do with the past.

If you recognize the country of China on a globe, in an atlas or on a map in a dream, you have a bad conscience, according to popular Western dream analysis. Is there something you might want to confess?

Going to China is seen as a symbol of a dangerous Travel understood or viewed as a project that involves risks and losses. The dreamer may have problems admitting to himself that the risk is big and actually exceeds his abilities. Being in China in a dream represents news, which one learns about; The dream image can also herald an unexpected turn of fate.

If you are invited to Chinese food and drink in the dream world, you will live a long time; Conversely, if you invite someone in a dream, it can lead to a long and exhausting discussion.

Dream symbol “China” – the psychological interpretation

China symbolizes that Mysterious and the wisdom. If this country or a Chinese appears in your dreams, it can indicate that completely new insights are opening up. This particularly relates to one’s own personality and to the dreamer’s idea of ​​taking new, unknown paths.

In the dream, the dangers that threaten on this long journey have the character of a perceived chaos that cannot be described in more detail. However, this journey also assumes a strong interest in everything mystical and therefore it is possible to assume that the dreamer is choosing this dream path in order to find or rediscover himself to a certain extent.

Dream symbol “China” – the spiritual interpretation

A long-distance trip to China is associated with a strong interest in the unknown. Therefore, one can assume that the dreamer has the intention of inner center to find.

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