Badger – dream interpretation

The badger is a small predator. It lives in the forests of Europe and Asia and belongs to the marten family. Its stocky build and the striking black and white fur markings on its face are characteristic. The nocturnal animal can dig very well and creates branched underground burrows. A badger eats plants as well as insects and small vertebrates. As the mythical animal “Grimbart” he embodies calm and thoughtfulness. However, he is also considered courageous, unyielding and stubborn.

Badgers used to be hunted with pleasure. Dachshunds were used for driven hunts. Thanks to their slender bodies, they were able to crawl into the narrow passages of the badger’s den and scare the prey out of the exit – where the hunter was already waiting for the hunted animal with his shotgun. By the way, the original term for the dachshund is “dachshund”.

If someone dreams of a badger, they may feel threatened. Perhaps the dreamer also wants to catch him and follows him into his burrow. Or perhaps the badger was seen as a heraldic animal like in the Harry Potter novels?

The context in which the dream symbol stands is crucial for dream interpretation. But seeing where the badger burrows lead is also helpful in deciphering the dream.

Dream symbol “badger” – the general interpretation

The badger can be aggressive and vicious. However, he only protects himself and his burrow, and if necessary also his young. As a dream symbol, it is a reference to dream interpretation hard shellwhich the dreamer has acquired in order to arm himself against the adversities of life.

At the same time, the dream challenges him to further develop his hidden inner values. In some cultures, the badger is said to have magical abilities. The dream symbol is therefore also an expression of the self-healing powers of the dreamer.

In the dream, the predator draws attention to this by purposefully digging deep tunnels Essentials. In addition, in dream interpretation, the badger is a symbol of well-being, happiness and health.

In popular dream interpretation, the dream symbol “badger” points to a strong one protector in the dreaming environment. However, it can also warn of a malicious opponent that the dreamer has not yet recognized as such. Maybe someone is jealous of his success and tries to use deceit to deny the dreamer the appropriate recognition.

Catching a badger in a dream can indicate that you will soon make radical changes in your own four walls.

Dream symbol “badger” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “badger” is a metaphor for different aspects of personality. Depending on the situation, the aggressive, protective or even malicious side of the character can be expressed in the dream. Through the dream symbol “badger”, the subconscious confronts the dreamer with his weaknesses, such as those that are difficult to control Wut.

According to the dream interpretation, the badger, as a tireless fighter, can also rely on character strengths such as: Endurance and indicate persistence. However, the dream symbol can also contain a warning about a person who the dreamer finds threatening or intimidating and who is harmful to his or her mental health.

On the psychological level, two other characteristics of the badger are important for dream interpretation. On the one hand, this animal digs deep tunnels. This can be a dream symbol for exploring your own dark sides. In the dream, the dreamer searches for Self-knowledge. He finds it by going into the depths of his own soul. The other aspect is that of the predator, which in dream interpretation generally represents aggressive sexual desire.

In this context, especially in women’s dreams, the dream symbol “badger” is a sign of uncertainty towards male sexuality. The way you approach the animal in the dream, whether you pet it or flee from it, reflects your attitude towards instincts and eroticism.

Dream symbol “badger” – the spiritual interpretation

In mythology, the badger is said to have healing powers. He is also considered a protector of people in need.

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams it reveals to the dreamer the connection between Coincidence and Fate. The dream symbol “badger” allows him to recognize the spiritual path he has set himself.

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