Depression – dream interpretation

Gloom, discouragement, hopelessness – depression is one of the worst mental illnesses of all. Those who suffer from depression often feel dejected, melancholy and sad and feel listless and may have the feeling that they can no longer cope with everyday life. In the worst case, the affected person even thinks about suicide due to the constant joylessness.

This is often difficult not only for the sick person themselves, but also for their relatives, family members, friends and work colleagues. However, depression can not only affect real life, it can also be dreamed about. This is particularly common among people who are actually healthy. But what can it mean to suffer from depression in a dream?

Dream symbol “depression” – the general interpretation

In general, a depression felt in a dream can be a sign of something to come soon catastrophe be in real life. This could be due to the fact that the dreamer is overwhelmed with something and has the feeling that the tasks he has to fulfill are overloading him and that his duties are growing over his head.

The symbol can therefore also be a request be to change something in life, to end a certain phase of life and in this way to free yourself. It is important that the person affected learns to deal with failure and draw his or her own conclusions from it. A new, more regular life could help him with this.

Dream symbol “depression” – the psychological interpretation

In our society, being weak and not knowing what to do is seen as a negative thing. You are always required to show drive and strength and to handle various tasks and duties.

At the same time, however, it is important for people to process certain (negative) emotions and to be allowed to be weak sometimes. However, since there is no room for this in everyday life for most people and they do not want to appear vulnerable, this processing takes place in their dreams.

From a psychological point of view, depression in a dream is therefore always a sign of one overloadwhich the person concerned does not want or cannot give in to. He should definitely see the symbol as an invitation to admit that he is simply no longer able to do certain things and that he needs to allow himself some rest.

According to some psychoanalysts, depression in dreams can also be associated with this change show in real life. If the person concerned takes the dream seriously, he will draw the conclusions and end an old phase of life and make his everyday life more balanced.

Dream symbol “depression” – the spiritual interpretation

A dreamed depression shows an important step in spiritual terms spiritual path of life at. The dreamer has to detach himself from certain things about himself, his “old self”, in order to be able to move forward.

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