What does my dream about detective mean?

Who doesn’t think of the great Sherlock Holmes and his unusual investigative methods when they hear the word “detective”. Or the well-known Miss Marple, whose hobby is catching murderers. But no matter whether you are a master detective or an amateur investigator, what both have in common is the search for the truth. They observe people with binoculars, secure traces with the help of a magnifying glass, and take photos and videos, almost like a spy.

So what does it mean to you when you dream about a detective? Are you on a search for truth yourself? Where does the dream image take you and how does the dream interpretation see it?

Dream symbol “detective” – the general interpretation

In general dream interpretation, the dreamer uses the dream symbol “detective” to follow the trail of the dream, just as in waking life Truth. In contrast to the real world, in dreams the truth is sought within oneself and not from others.

If the dreamer sees a detective in his sleep, then he could stormy times come towards him. In addition, the dream symbol indicates a confession that will correct one’s opinion about another person in the waking world.

If the dreamer is the detective himself, then, according to the general interpretation of dreams, he will soon become a responsible person Task get transferred. Or someone who is in dire straits trusts him and needs his help.

If the dreamer is followed by a detective in his dream, this can be interpreted in two different ways in dream interpretation. The dreamer is persecuted and is guilty, then the dream symbol shows that he does not have a clear conscience in the waking world either Ruf is at stake. His friends could also turn away from him.

A groundless pursuit by a detective, for example if the person being observed is basically completely innocent, is a dream situation that suggests that the dreamer will soon have more Honor will come. A financial gain is also possible; To do this, however, you should take into account the interpretation of all other symbols that appeared in the dream.

Dream symbol “detective” – ​​the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “detective” leads Driven Or rather, the winding paths that may be waiting for the dreamer when they advance into new, unlimited possibilities.

If the dream symbol “detective” is interpreted as a man who follows the dreamer and sees through his hidden thoughts, it stands for the Angstthat bad intentions are revealed and fall back on the dreamer himself. The trigger for this is often a conscious bad conscience – coupled with feelings of guilt.

If the dreamer sees himself as a detective in his dream, then, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, he may want to find out something ruthlessly in order to then use it for his own purposes. The dream figure “detective” also gives a clue to this subconsciouswhich asks the dreamer to finally stop with these secrets.

Dream symbol “detective” – the spiritual interpretation

With the dream symbol “detective” the dreamer embarks on the spiritual interpretation of dreams Search after the truth.

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