Cafe – dream interpretation

In the beginning, the café or coffee house was primarily a restaurant that primarily served coffee as a hot drink. The special feature here was the overcoming of class arrogance. Because here were common people and nobles sitting together at the same table and talking about the world situation and their business.

Today, cafés have largely lost their traditional social significance. They are now only seen as pure catering establishments where you can have coffee, tea or a cold drink. The main reason for visiting a café is to have fun in a pleasant atmosphere, alone or in company. Here you can read the newspaper, enjoy a piece of cake with your coffee or meet up with your best friend to chat.

We have summarized important dream situations in relation to the “café” symbol for you. You can find out more interpretations of this dream image further down in the article.

Dream symbol “café” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Visiting a café in a dream

The sight of a cafe house while sleeping can indicate the dreamer’s real desire for relaxation and peace. In addition, visiting a dream coffee house, especially if the person concerned meets friends in this restaurant, often shows that they enjoy being in the company of other people. The dream image “sitting in a café” can symbolize the sleeper’s ability to enjoy things.

Dream symbol “cafeteria” – what can it mean?

The cafeteria in the dream can be interpreted similarly to the dream image “restaurant” and often illustrates the sleeper’s fear of loneliness. He wants the contact and company of other people in his waking life. The sight of a school cafeteria in the sleep experience can symbolize the dreaming person’s need for many friendships. But if you eat alone in one of these, you will probably soon face a setback.

Dream symbol “café” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “café” is a symbol of relaxation, Leisure time and Quiet. It can also illustrate the dreamer’s longing for sociability. Because the dreamer fears being alone, but he also doesn’t want to let anyone get too close to him. By visiting a public place, he can determine the level of familiarity.

According to general dream interpretation, visiting or seeing a café in a dream shows the dreamer that he calls people his friends who in reality want to harm him. He should look very closely at his friendships in the waking world and thus expose the “false friends”. If the dreamer sees himself sitting in a café in the dream, he will be forced to spend his time in the waking world idleness to spend.

If the dreamer himself serves in a café in the dream, this illustrates that he has gotten involved with bad people. He should change his circle of acquaintances immediately, otherwise he will face inconveniences.

As dream symbols, ordered cookies and cakes on the café table signal that the dreamer can expect a happy time. Life is currently pleasant and enjoyable. The dreamed apple pie in particular symbolically shows a big one Happiness in love an.

Watching other people eating in a café in a dream can indicate poor health. If the dreamer eats something in a café in the dream, the general interpretation of the dream promises him nice hours with friends.

If you see coffee beans being ground in a coffee grinder in a café in a dream, this can indicate a desire for family satisfaction. If a billiards café appears in a dream, some unfavorable developments may be ahead.

Dream symbol “café” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the café in the dream as a sign for the Sociability and the openness of the dreamer. However, this dream symbol also warns against too much flightiness and a light-hearted attitude to life. Because this can, on the one hand, damage the dreamer’s reputation and, on the other hand, he can waste a lot of time and money.

In some cases, the dream symbol “café” symbolizes different things Personality parts of the dreaming, which can meet here. This interpretation then invites you to gain more self-knowledge. The dreamer should try to bring the different parts of himself into harmony and thereby achieve more harmony in his life.

Dream symbol “café” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “café” expresses the desire Belonging to a specific group of people. Because these people have the same habits and principles as the dreamer himself.

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