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Surveys have shown that around 80 percent of people have experienced déjà vu. This is a phenomenon that cannot be clearly explained: with déjà vu we suddenly have the vague feeling that we have already experienced a completely unknown situation in which we find ourselves, without knowing when and where. This often goes hand in hand with the fact that we know what will happen in the next few seconds. You feel like you’re trapped in a time loop.

Neurologists explain déjà vu, which translates from French as “seen before,” with a malfunction in the brain. According to them, there is an area in the brain that processes current experiences. At the same time, there is an area in which memories are stored. Current situations are automatically tried to be assigned to events that have already been experienced. Mistakes can happen that trigger the typical feeling of déjà vu.

However, this purely scientific explanation of the phenomenon cannot be proven. There are numerous other approaches according to which déjà vu is based on a completely different cause.

Dream interpretation also plays an important role here. But how exactly are our dreams related to an illusion of memory? And what can it mean the other way around if we experience the feeling of déjà vu directly in a dream?

Dream symbol “Déjà vu” – the general interpretation

In real life, it is generally believed that the feeling of déjà vu can arise if a very similar situation has been dreamed before. People cannot remember a large part of their own dreams in waking life and, against this background, cannot assess that what they have experienced has already been seen here. There remains therefore a vague, indefinite feeling of memory.

However, anyone who has a déjà vu experience and is aware that they have previously dreamed about the situation should feel prompted by the previous dream to create their own Reaction good to think about. In this case, the symbol shows that a lot depends on the behavior in the exact situation, this the rest Future could greatly influence the person concerned.

If déjà vu is the direct content of the dream, this can also be the case Blick draw attention to a situation that is already in the past. After waking up, the person concerned should think about what exactly the symbol could refer to. Perhaps at the time he was not even aware of the consequences his actions could have.

Only if he recognizes this will he be able to use what has happened to his advantage and stop any negative developments that could arise from it.

Dream symbol “Déjà vu” – the psychological interpretation

It is also possible, according to the psychological approach, that a dream triggers the feeling of recognition in real life. However, the dream is rarely a vision of the future, but rather the result of very different impressions from waking life. The subconscious processes this into a scenario that could actually happen in one way or another, which eventually happens occasionally.

Conversely, if déjà vu becomes a direct dream image, this can happen, according to psychoanalysts repressed fantasies indicate. The person affected is not aware of these, only has an inkling that they may have inner, not yet precisely described longings in their soul that have so far remained unsatisfied.

In addition, déjà vu experienced in a dream can in some cases refer to a real situation that the person concerned has not yet fully processed or even repressed. It is important to see the symbol as an invitation to deal with what you have experienced, possibly with professional help.

Dream symbol “Déjà vu” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, déjà vu or coming back can generally be a memory of an experience in one Previous life be. However, in some cases it is also referred to as mental contact with another person, possibly already deceased.

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