Bowel evacuation – dream interpretation

The food that the person has eaten is used and digested in the stomach and intestines. The indigestible matter is then eliminated by emptying the intestines. The intestine therefore has an important task that is often underestimated, because its good functioning has a major impact on human health. In addition to the natural emptying of the intestines, there is also an artificial one: emptying the intestines by taking a laxative, such as castor oil, is necessary, for example, if the intestines are to be examined as part of a colonoscopy.

Emptying the bowels rarely appears as a dream image. But if it appears in the dream world, then the dreamer should take the interpretation of this dream seriously.

Dream symbol “defecation” – the general interpretation

Emptying the bowels is a rather unusual dream image, but one that should definitely be taken into account. If bowel evacuation becomes an issue in the dream, then, among other things, this can also lead to: Illness to announce.

But there will also be losses and Care for, from which the dreamer has to suffer, symbolized by this dream image. The dreamed digestion and excretion of feces in the dream shows that the dreamer is in the process of processing and finally getting rid of previous mental baggage. In this sense, the dream symbol “defecation” is a very positive one.

If the dreamer is currently preparing for an important exam in waking life, then defecation is often a sign that he is having one difficult test will be forthcoming. The psychological pressure often manifests itself in stomach pain – in dreams as well as in reality.

In general, severe abdominal cramps that occur in dreams when going to the toilet represent the happy outcome of an affair in the waking world. The good development can, for example, relate to your professional career or a boost in happiness in your private life.

If it is not the dreamer himself who has a bowel movement, but other people, then dream research interprets this situation as an indication business losses of the dreamer. The reason for this will be other people’s negligence. Sometimes this also heralds general difficulties with other people, which can lead to arguments and… Trouble will worry.

Dream symbol “defecation” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the intestines and the emptying of the intestines are a sign of the Processing process interpreted. In the dream world, however, it is not the food that is digested and processed, but rather the experiences that the dreamer has had in the waking world. This dream image often appears in sleep when the dreamer needs to be made aware of the need to pay more attention to their own experiences.

The task of emptying the intestines is not only in waking life to eliminate the indigestible. Even in the dream world, the body and also the mind of the dreamer are cleansed. As a symbol for the mental self-cleaning The emptying of the bowel is therefore also interpreted.

If this function is the case, then it is important to clarify what is burdening the dreamer’s soul. In many cases it is indigestible experiences and feelings that the dreamer has. This can also be heartache or feelings of guilt, which symbolically leave the dreamer through defecation. The subconscious tries to cleanse the soul by emptying the bowels in the dream.

Dream symbol “defecation” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, bowel movements symbolize the spiritual Self-cleaning of the dreamer, who can thereby take a further step in his spiritual development.

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