Boss – dream interpretation

For every person who is employed, the boss is an important, central person in everyday life. Whether this person acts as a role model for the dreamer or, on the contrary, has a deterrent effect depends on the individual situation. Nobody likes to have trouble with their boss. The employer can hold very different positions in a company: it can be the owner of a company, the manager or, for example, the head of a department.

Since a superior or employer is fundamentally a symbol of power and authority, the question unconsciously arises: When in my life do I take responsibility and when do I hesitate?

Some dream situations with the boss occur much more often than others. We will now focus on these dreams first, before we get to the general dream interpretation of the “boss” symbol further down in the article.

Dream symbol “boss” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Seeing the boss, a good or bad dream?

An encounter with a woman as a boss in a dream usually indicates an impending confrontation in the waking world. When a sleeper observes his boss in the dream world, there are often conflicts that are also being played out in reality. If you see an unknown superior in the dream, another person can suddenly take the boss position in reality, provided the dreamer is working. Otherwise, authority in private life will be redistributed.

Being the boss yourself in the dream interpretation

The dream interpretation assigns a symbolic meaning to being a boss in the dream. Sleepers often long for more recognition and a more dominant appearance, usually in the work environment. In addition, the other perspective could indicate that the dreamer needs to be reminded to fulfill his own duties. In addition, the dream of being a boss reveals the desire for respectful treatment.

Trouble with the boss! Oh dear, what is this dream about?

As in waking life, anger with your boss in dreams can mean problems for your professional life or even for your dreamed existence and the entire course of your dream. These are conflicts of authority that are processed in our sleep. As a rule, these conflicts regarding authority can be traced back to the dreamer’s childhood and the internalized superiority of the parents. The dreamer should use this dream symbol as an opportunity to work on his behavior in order to avoid these difficulties in the future.

Love affairs with the boss. A dream analysis

The hug with the boss, well…

The dream symbol of a hug represents both familiar closeness or the desire for it. If dreamers long for a closer relationship with their employer or want more recognition in their professional life, the hug – perhaps even in conjunction with a kiss – can appear in the dream. However, if the sleeping person is unsympathetic to the department head or owner of the company in reality, the dream image is a warning: the dreaming person should exercise caution against disappointment and fraud in everyday life.

A hot kiss between the boss and the dreamer

When interpreting dreams, a kiss represents a strong symbol of love and affection. In particular, the positive experience of a kiss in a dream represents a good connection with other people. However, the circumstances of the dream situation are crucial for the interpretation:

For example, the dreamed kissing of the unloved boss represents the wish for reconciliation, while hidden longings can also be found here. At the same time, a kiss always expresses the desire for communication and exchange. A wild affair with your employer, as a dream image, often signals the dreaming person’s need for power.

Sex with the boss. A taboo break as a dream image

As a dream symbol, sex with your boss can represent a request to be less inhibited and instead more self-confident. Perhaps the dreaming person is rather timid when it comes to making decisions.

If the superior made the start in the dream and approached the dreaming person sexually, the boss may also know in real life how to enforce his will in the job. Conversely, if it was the person in question who seduced the boss in the dream, they may also want to act more actively in waking life. At the same time, the dreamer wishes to do something forbidden.

Emotional outbursts: Why a boss laughs or cries in a dream

Laughter of the boss in dream interpretation

The happy boss’s smile has different meanings in dream interpretation, because after all, the meaning of happiness differs for many people. However, the dreamed smile of another person can basically indicate that the sleeper will soon receive the recognition they long for. However, such feelings of happiness in dreams can also indicate that a relationship is currently still characterized by conflicts.

Howl! A crying boss in sleeping experience

On the one hand, actual terrible news or great concern can be the cause of the dreamed image of the crying superior. Crying together between the sleeper and the manager or department head can also indicate a strong sense of togetherness. The mutual real support results in shared mourning in the dream.

On the other hand, the crying boss is a sign that the sleeping person wants to and can free themselves from a relationship of dependency in their life.

The boss’s health

A sick boss in the dream world

The illness of the business owner or management can be described with the term worry. There is usually a reason for such dreams in the real world of the sleeper. The difficulties of everyday life and the problems of life are taken with you into sleep: instead of relaxation and peace, nightmares prevail in which the boss symbolically becomes ill. The more serious the dreamed illness, the more serious the burdens that the sleeper carries with him in waking life.

The boss dies in a dream – what happened?

In most cases, the death of the boss is a nightmare. Such dreams are seen as a request for the dreamer to rethink their relationship with their superior employee at work. The dream of the dying boss can certainly be a harbinger of a reorganization of the relationship between the superior and the dreamer. It is often negative feelings that find expression through the representation of death in dreams.

Boss quits in a dream – what does it mean?

A dismissal in a dream always represents a significant change in the future. The dismissal of the boss experienced in the dream probably relates to a change in the real workplace, although private and personal changes are also conceivable. If the employer terminates the dreamer’s job, the dream image can be interpreted as an indication of one’s own hopelessness; the dreamer no longer believes in his or her own (professional) success.

The former boss. What if I meet him in a dream?

The ex-boss can usually be interpreted as a dream symbol for power and control, from which the dreamer has currently renounced. The dream therefore represents a warning to show a certain degree of rigor in order to properly fulfill one’s tasks and duties.

A dream about an ex-employer often combines professional experiences from the past with current problems at work. There are differences here and therefore something that bothers the dreamer. Anyone who starts a heated discussion with their former employer in the dream plot is insecure professionally.

Dream symbol “boss” – the general interpretation

A dream image in which the boss appears can be very related to everyday life and can be about real work, although an interpretation of the event depends primarily on what significance the role of the boss has in the real life of the person concerned.

Bosses generally give instructions that need to be implemented. This allows one Dependency arise because you want to get as far ahead as possible up the hierarchy ladder. A person with a managerial role who coordinates and ensures processes symbolizes a good, loyal friend in reality. The station master from the earlier days of rail transport is a good example of a boss with such responsibilities.

The superior can be a support in a positive sense when planning professional projects or can make everyday life much more difficult by striving for energy, power and possession by trying to control the overall situation through his position.

Sometimes the symbol of the boss in a dream can serve as a warning about existential and professional issues difficulties be understood that are coming in the near future. In many employment relationships, it makes sense to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of labor law. Even as an apprentice or trainee, you not only have duties but also rights that you should also enforce against your boss.

The following actions between the superior and the dreaming within the framework of the dream have a concrete symbolic character:

  • see unknown boss: there will be a new boss
  • Applying to a new boss: Patience is necessary for success
  • former boss: the dreamer is no longer under control
  • see your own boss: there will be an argument
  • Talk to the boss: there are signs of a better position
  • Argument with the selfish boss: uncertainties in existence
  • hating the boss: you should be careful about accidentally hurting other people
  • Handshake, handshake or handshake: possible career change
  • Received a gift from your superior: a loss or change is imminent
  • Promotion by the boss: there is a high probability that the same thing will happen in reality
  • Kissing the boss: Communication is necessary
  • Affair with boss: desire for recognition of professional skills and achievements
  • Sex with boss: the dreamer likes the challenge, playing with dangers
  • Secretary and boss: dependencies in professional matters.

Dream symbol “boss” – the psychological interpretation

Anyone who has difficulty switching off and relaxing long after leaving the company tends to think about work-related events even in their sleep. A boss in a dream most likely symbolizes the unconscious need to be a father figure, authority figure or person of respect Exampleto see an anchor, a person to lean on.

However, it can also be a very real one Conflict go. Perhaps salary expectations or, conversely, work tasks were not met. It is important to pay attention to how the boss behaves in the dream, as the nature of the process already contains several possible interpretations.

A domineering or even tyrannical boss who, on the other hand, abuses power can be an indication that the dreamer may wish to be the boss or needs to be reminded of his Duties because he only carries out his tasks carelessly or hardly implements his own ideas. If he feels uncomfortable in the presence of his superior, he also feels restricted in his personal freedom.

On the other hand, a very good relationship with one another shows that the dreamer comes into contact with his own positive leadership qualities. However, it is very likely that the person concerned has a mixed opinion on the topic authoritywhich need to be reconsidered and possibly processed.

Dreaming of being sexually harassed by your boss indicates the actual feeling worth less to be different than other people and to automatically subordinate oneself. A stressful phase of life can also promote such dream situations

Dream symbol “boss” – the spiritual interpretation

If the boss appears in the dream, we will also meet one Part of our self, which is reflected in the behavior of the superior. We can learn from this and develop further.

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