Cello – dream interpretation

The cello belongs to the family of string instruments. The actual name is “violoncello” and comes from Italian. This means something like “small violin”. The term bass violin or bass violin is also known, although the cello is very similar in shape to the violin, but is many times larger than it. It is also made by a violin maker, but it takes him three times as long as it takes to make the smaller instrument.

In the classical orchestra, the cello plays the proverbial second fiddle – because it is the second largest string instrument after its big brother, the double bass. The cello is made of wood and the beautiful soft and moving sound is created mechanically, i.e. by plucking or bowing the strings with a bow. You play it while sitting, supporting the cello with your knees on both sides. The neck of the cello is located on the left shoulder while playing, so that the cellist can play while sitting upright.

Since the cello is a fretless string instrument, the cellist must have the fingerings for the corresponding notes in memory or have the gift of being able to play by ear.

Cello dreams are certainly among the rarer ones, but dream interpretation still has something to say about it here too.

Dream symbol “cello” – the general interpretation

If you dream of a cello, the general dream interpretation sees it as a positive sign, even as happy omen at. Here you can expect romantic experiences in love from which you can draw strength for other areas of life.

Perhaps you yourself play the cello in your dreams, then you could soon expect good news in general. This dream situation also becomes an impending, joyful time attributed.

Dream symbol “cello” – the psychological interpretation

Music is able to express feelings and evoke emotions in us even without words. It is often said that music is the language of our soul. This is particularly true in the area of Love.

The dream symbol “cello” has a very close connection to this and is often used as a symbol because of its curves femininity viewed. If you dream of playing a cello, this is the desire for physical and mental union that has become visible in the dream.

The own sexuality is clearly made the theme through the dream image “Cello”. How is the bow that belongs to the cello played? Does it glide gently over the strings like a breath or does it jump over the instrument at an almost hypnotic speed? This is about Passion and dedication and in context, this may reflect what your own sex life is like.

Were there any discordant sounds or was it a harmonious interaction that was fun to listen to?

This close observation of your dream events can be very important for dream interpretation and offers the dreamer the opportunity to become more aware of his sexuality and therefore his role as a woman or man.

Dream symbol “cello” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream image of the cello also symbolizes the world of emotions in spiritual interpretation. Here it stands primarily for Harmony and the ability to harmony to be with yourself.

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