Cent – dream interpretation

“He who does not honor the penny is not worth the thaler.” – This old saying can now also be applied to cents and euros. Because if you can’t enjoy or handle smaller amounts of money, you don’t deserve a larger amount.

But what does it mean when we dream of a cent coin? What interpretations can be hidden behind it? Does only the pure value of the coin count or are there other interpretations? Is the money in a money box? Is the coin made of gold, copper, brass, silver?

Try to recall as many dream details as possible so that you can fully analyze your dream.

Dream symbol “cent” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation traditionally sees “cents” in the dream symbol Lucky symbol. Similar to the former “lucky penny”, this positive energy is now said to be present in the cent. So if you dream of a cent, you can often look forward to luck in games and love.

The dream symbol “cent” can also indicate the evaluation of one’s own self. That means it symbolizes how valuable the dreamer considers himself to be. If he sees only one or a small number of cents in the dream, this is what happens to him in the waking world self-esteem not far away. He should think carefully about why he values ​​himself and his desires so little.

The dream may also need help from outside in order to achieve healthy self-confidence. But if he sees a large amount of coins in the form of cent pieces in the dream, this indicates one positive self-perception.

Finding a cent coin in a dream symbolizes to the dreamer that although he is heading towards a financial loss, he can still avert this through careful action. Counting many cent coins as a dream symbol brings with it profits that the dreamer will receive for his good work.

If the dream revolves around exactly 99 cents, the sleeper is probably worried that his strength is beginning to weaken. Rest breaks and recovery phases should now be taken more frequently in order to persevere.

Dream symbol “cent” – the psychological interpretation

The cent in the dream can be viewed psychologically as a symbol of spiritual and psychic energy be interpreted. Anyone who sees themselves in a dream as the owner of a large amount of cent coins can be shown that they are full of energy and productive at the moment.

On the other hand, this dream situation can also be interpreted as a wishful thought. This means that the dreamer longs for exactly this energy and mental balance in the waking world.

If the dreamer passes on his cent coins to another person in the dream, this person receives part of his spiritual energy. This can also show the dreamer who is draining energy from him in the waking world. It may be necessary to take countermeasures here.

According to Sigmund Freud, coins, including the cent, can be used as a dream symbol male seeds symbolize that can be given or received. If the cent coin is now inserted into something, for example the wallet or the slot of a machine, a clear connection to sexual intercourse is established.

Dream symbol “cent” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the cent as a dream symbol embodies a possibility Exchange of spiritual knowledge with other people.

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