Chemotherapy – dream interpretation

Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer or infections with medication. Most of the time, “chemo” is used colloquially to refer to the treatment of cancer or a tumor. Cancer patients usually have to go to hospital for such a countermeasure, which is associated with many side effects.

Chemotherapy uses substances that exert their damaging effect as specifically as possible on specific cells that cause the disease. The aim is to kill these or prevent them from growing further.

What does a cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy experienced in a dream mean for the dreamer? Does he have to worry about actually getting cancer, leukemia or breast cancer? No, not at all.

Of course, it is possible that you are already in the middle of “chemo” and are dreaming about it in order to process what you have experienced. But people who are not affected by this should consider and interpret all the details of their dream in order to find out the reason for the “chemotherapy” dream image. Often there is something completely different behind this dream image than fighting an illness… Read more now:

Dream symbol “chemotherapy” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, when dreaming about chemotherapy, you should first consider whether there might be a specific person in the dreamer’s life Occasion for this dream symbol. After all, real experiences are processed in dreams, among other things.

If the dreamer has dealt intensively with the topic of cancer and chemotherapy, it is hardly surprising if this now finds its way into his dream world. This does not necessarily mean that the dreamer himself is receiving chemotherapy. It may affect someone close to him or he may be concerned with the topic of “chemotherapy” for other reasons.

However, if this possible interpretation can be ruled out, general dream interpretation knows further interpretations of the dream symbol “chemotherapy”. Illnesses are also treated with chemotherapy in dreams. These dream illnesses usually hide internal ones Conflicts or fears of the dreamer.

With successful chemotherapy as a dream symbol, the dream is shown that he can defeat these problems within himself. However, if the chemotherapy in the dream is unsuccessful, the dreamer should not lose hope of conquering his fears. He may just have to take a different path in the waking world and work at it longer to overcome his difficulties.

If the dreamer is treated with chemotherapy in the dream, he should also become aware that in the waking world he definitely has it Medium to counteract a rival that threatens its existence.

In order to interpret the entire dream, it is also important to analyze the organs affected by cancer. Was it lung cancer? Was the intestine affected or the lymph nodes in the neck? What exactly was chemo aimed at as a cancer therapy? Use our search function at the top of this page to find the corresponding dream symbols in our large dream dictionary.

Dream symbol “chemotherapy” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “chemotherapy” can be seen as a means of combating an internal Imbalance interpret. The dreamer has become aware that he is dissatisfied with his body.

With the dream of chemotherapy, his subconscious wants to show him that it is within the dreamer’s power to do something about it. There are certainly means in the waking world to regain inner harmony. The dreamer just has to find it.

Another interpretation in the psychological interpretation of dreams says that chemotherapy in the dream is a symbol of an inner confrontation can be. The dreamer feels internally consumed by a negative idea or idea and tries to oppose it with all his strength.

Dream symbol “chemotherapy” – the spiritual interpretation

Dreaming about chemotherapy can be viewed spiritually as a sign for you breakthrough interpret on a spiritual level.

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