Germany – dream interpretation

Germany is a republic and consists of 16 federally administered federal states. It was founded by the victorious powers after the Second World War in 1949. Until reunification in 1990, Germany was divided into East and West.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin became the federal capital and the federal government moved from the previous capital Bonn to Berlin. The Bundestag is now located in the old Reichstag building in the once divided city. There are also large rivers in Germany such as the Rhine, the Elbe and the Danube.

Many Germans like to go to neighboring countries to go on holiday there or to buy certain groceries cheaper on a day trip. The Netherlands in the west is extremely popular, Belgium, Luxembourg and France also attract many tourists. In the German-speaking areas of our neighbors Austria and Switzerland, some holidaymakers feel almost at home. In the east it is the Czech Republic and Poland that entice you to marvel and shop with their pretty buildings and affordable shopping opportunities.

A dream about Germany may awaken feelings of home. Perhaps the dreamer has been in another country for a long time and remembers friends and relatives in typical German situations, for example at a shooting festival. When it comes to dream interpretation, the dreamer’s personal thoughts and feelings about this dream symbol are particularly important.

Dream symbol “Germany” – the general interpretation

The dreamer probably associates the dream symbol “Germany”. Feeling of home. According to dream interpretation, it represents an unfulfilled longing that can relate to something very specific or is just an inconspicuous, barely explainable emotion. The dream draws the dreamer’s attention to the fact that he may be too attached to the past instead of looking to the future.

Maybe the dreamer is drawn away from Germany. Then the dream symbol embodies more Fernweh and at the same time warns of possible disappointment. Leaving your home country in a dream can indicate in the dream interpretation that the dreamer will be very worried about his family. If you are actually abroad and dream of Germany, you will soon receive good news from home.

Germany also stands for the Berlin Wall and the reunification of East and West Germany. The dream symbol can therefore be a obstacle embody in the life of the dreamer, which can, however, be overcome. However, it can also happen in dream interpretation Unfreedom and warn isolation.

If the east and west of Germany play a role in the dream, it depends on whether the separation is more emphasized or the unification.

The West In dream interpretation, it represents the end and the return to the starting point. The East embodies the beginning and refers to ancient knowledge. In this context, the dream symbol “Germany” can express that the dreamer should, for example, reflect on the beginnings of an important project in order to bring it to a good end.

Dream symbol “Germany” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “Germany” expresses a feeling of security and safety Belonging out of. The dreamer has a stable personality and feels well rooted in his environment.

Depending on the emotions that you associate with your home country in the dream, the dream image can also represent dissatisfaction or foreignness. The subconscious refers to difficulties in adapting to current life circumstances. The dreamer unconsciously longs for supposedly good times.

The wall, which is often associated with Germany, represents one in dream interpretation parting line that the dreamer unconsciously draws between himself and others. In addition, the dream symbol “Germany” symbolizes contrasts in personality that need to be reconciled.

Dream symbol “Germany” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendent level, the dream symbol “Germany” refers to the merging of the beginning, represented by the east of the country, with the end in the form of the west.

Germany as a whole refers to the dream interpretation Circulation of life as well as on spiritual truth.

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