Demon – dream interpretation

According to the general idea, a demon is a ghost or spirit being that frightens and threatens people. In Greek mythology, it originally stood for the “detached spirit of the deceased.” There is an assessment that the term “demon” only became associated with an unpleasant idea during the Middle Ages. During this time, stables and houses were smoked, for example during the “12 Nights” to drive away evil spirits.

Demons that appear in dreams today are in most cases associated with the dreamer’s unconscious instinctual processes and conflicts of conscience. Anyone who sees a supernatural demon, for example Lilith or Lucifer, the devil, in a dream is not actually in league with the devil, but can ask themselves: What stands between me and my higher consciousness? At what point in my life am I denying myself? Where do my self-doubts come from and why am I so afraid of them?

In order to be able to interpret a demonic dream well, it is helpful if you can remember as many details as possible. Occultism often plays a role here, i.e. fortune telling, magic, necromancy and the art of speaking to the dead. Think about it: what kind of demon was your dream? Did he just show himself or was there contact with him? Was this contact peaceful or was the monster attacking? Do you have such dreams more often or are they exceptions?

What is very obvious about demon dreams is that they have an eerie, incomprehensible character. Translated from Greek, demon means “evil spirit” and is an intermediate being between God and man. More literally, it can be traced back to the words “(dis)divide”, “divide” and “allocate” as well as “be divided”.

In its basic meaning, a demon is therefore referred to as the “distributor and allocator of fate” and, according to Greek ideas, is the constant, invisible companion of man who has an influence on man’s fate.

Dream symbol “demon” – the general interpretation

If you dream of being possessed by a demon, this represents unconscious Feelings of power that the dreamer would like to live out in the waking world. Such urges can take over a strong space and override common sense – then they come to light in the form of irascibility and jealousy.

If the sleeper fights against a demon taking over his soul in a dream, he will face problems that he is trying to repress or fight. Maybe you’re forcing yourself to stop smoking cigarettes? Or do you lay down another burden? This “demon” gnaws at the person.

If an exorcist tries to drive away the demon in the dream during an exorcism, the possessed person desperately wants to bring about a positive change in another person in the waking world.

If a dreamed demon makes a noise like a poltergeist, sweeps dishes out of the cupboards, screams eerily or rages, then he stops it Disturbances attention in the dreamer’s life. The demon can then be interpreted as the mouthpiece of the inner voice.

If you see another person in their sleep being taken over by a demon, then this is symbolic of you Loss of control. Logical thinking is switched off for a moment. In the dream you are informed that manipulative forces are at work in your environment – be careful!

Dream symbol “demon” – the psychological interpretation

If a demon appears in a dream, this is a very clear indication of the dreamer’s inner turmoil Self-doubt, to his unmet needs and also to possible deep-seated feelings of guilt, disgust or fears. An aggressive potential that is suppressed cannot be ruled out either. Perhaps the dreamer sometimes feels a tremendous amount of anger in his stomach, the origin of which remains a mystery.

Are dreams of demons with regular strong ones anxiety states Connected, this can indicate an unconscious anxiety disorder or blockage in one’s own personality. In such a case, it is advisable to seek professional medical assistance. The dreamer may also fear that supernatural influences could negatively influence the direction of his life.

The case is different, if only rarely or unique a demon appears in a dream. This is probably how everyday events that have a high stress factor are processed. For a woman, a demon in a dream can be an indication that she has a bad reputation.

A demon that you only see but have no contact with can be understood as a warning against false friends.

If there is a fight against a demon in the dream and the dreamer defeats the demon, this symbolizes the ability to follow his plans Enemies thwart and thus avert.

If the opposite is the case and you exchange tenderness with a demon, perhaps even have sex with the devil, the situation is different: the sleeper wants a person at his side to guide and direct him. During sex, someone probably feels more comfortable in the submissive role than in the dominant one.

Dream symbol “demon” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the demonic is part of the Duality thinking: Only those who recognize that every coin has two sides will realize that the sole belief in evil only fuels fears and doubts.

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