Thumb sucking – dream interpretation

Thumb sucking is a habit of infants and sometimes even small children. They put their thumb in their mouth to suck or suck on it. The reason for this is the innate sucking reflex, which is triggered as soon as the lips or the tip of the tongue are touched.

This enables the supply of food in the first months of life. For a long time in the history of medicine, thumb sucking was classified as a harmful and pathological behavior and was even described as a nervous disease. However, it is now suspected that it is the child’s experience while suckling that causes him to continue sucking his thumb later. The peace and security that the child feels when it feeds from the breast is something it tries to achieve again, especially in stressful situations, by sucking on objects or its thumb.

Find out in this article what sucking your thumb can mean as a dream symbol.

Dream symbol “sucking your thumb” – the general interpretation

In dream research, the thumb is often associated with skill and strength. If the dream sucks his thumb, then this indicates one good act which he will soon accomplish. However, if the dreamer only has one thumb that he can suck, then he may be facing an uncertain future.

If the dream sucks his thumb because it hurts him and he has an injury, then this indicates professional difficulties there. There is usually a threat of business losses, the dreamer will not behave skillfully and his colleagues will cause him trouble.

But it can also happen in the dream world that the dreamer wants to suck his thumb and then realizes that he doesn’t have a thumb at all. This dream image symbolizes the isolation of the dreaming and announces problems and difficulties.

Dream symbol “sucking your thumb” – the psychological interpretation

Thumb sucking is often used in psychological dream interpretation Escape in the childhood interpreted. Since this is a typical habit of small children, this dream image shows the dreamer’s longing for this phase of his life.

Since thumb sucking is a habit that is viewed rather negatively, this dream image can also symbolize a certain fear. This fear is usually a… Feeling of shamethat the dreamer experiences because he does something that is not desired.

Some psychoanalysts see dreamed thumb sucking as a symbol of masturbation and Masturbation, as they assume that thumb sucking provides sexual pleasure. Sigmund Freud sees the thumb as a symbol of sexual drive and therefore also associates thumb sucking with the dreamer’s desire for masturbation.

Dream symbol “sucking your thumb” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, thumb sucking is seen as a return to… childhood interpreted.

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