Lingerie – dream interpretation

In the clothing sector, the term “lingerie” refers to elegant underwear. This does not necessarily have to be erotic or sensual, but this is often the case. Wearing lingerie is often intended to sexually arouse your partner; Such a piece of clothing can also serve your own vanity or simply show what you value yourself.

But why do lingerie appear to us in dreams? Is this perhaps a sex dream? Or is there another message behind it? The material of this women’s underwear, such as silk or satin, can also be important for the interpretation of the dream symbol “lingerie”.

Dream symbol “lingerie” – the general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “lingerie” can reflect the dreamer’s attitude towards his own sexuality and his physicality show. His dream of such erotic clothing should primarily make him aware of his sexual needs so that he can deal with them more closely in the waking world.

Chic or elegant underwear in a dream indicates the positive relationship the sleeper has with intimacy. Anyone who puts on lingerie as underwear in their dream can look forward to happy and successful times be happy.

Taking off lingerie in a dream can indicate that you do not want to pursue your plans any further. If another person takes off the dreaming’s underwear, the relationship with this person can prove to be an obstacle.

According to general dream interpretation, washing lingerie or lingerie in the laundry as a dream image can indicate that the dreamer is attracted to certain erotic things emotions want to free yourself in waking life. This dream situation usually refers to feelings in the erotic area.

If the sleeper sees himself in his dream only in underwear and is proud of his body, it is his own vulnerability conscious in emotional matters. However, he knows how to use this sensitivity appropriately. An elegant bra with matching underwear while sleeping is often seen as a symbol of one’s inner being or unconscious feelings.

Dream symbol “lingerie” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, lingerie is seen in dreams as a Sexualsymbol viewed. The male or female dreamer should become aware of his wishes and needs in the erotic area so that he can deal with them. Only by dealing with them intensively will the person affected be able to deal with them openly.

In the psychological interpretation of the dream symbol “lingerie” the Color Special attention was paid to sexy underwear. From this you can draw further conclusions about the message of the dream. Therefore, the dream symbol “colors” should be used in this context.

Red lingerie as a dream image indicates the longing for someone passionate love and partnership. If the lingerie is black in the dream, the dreamer will soon come across a secret that he wants to reveal. White dream lingerie symbolizes innocence, but also temptation.

Dream symbol “lingerie” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation sees the dream image of “lingerie” in the sense of elegant women’s underwear as a reference to the dreamer’s vulnerability in spiritual matters. He longs for a certain level of protection here, but at the same time he also wants a new beginning.

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