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A casino is a building open to the public where you can play various types of games of chance. Access is only permitted for people aged 18 and over. If you want to try your luck, you can risk your money as you please and hope that luck is on your side and you can multiply your bet. Whether playing cards, roulette, the wheel of fortune, poker or so-called slot machines – a casino offers the right challenge for every taste.

There are entire cities or urban areas that are dedicated solely to gambling. The best known are certainly Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the USA. However, Macau near Hong Kong is in no way inferior: such places are pure gamers’ paradises.

Many people visit a casino regularly. Here it is usually more about the fun of gambling, as gambling is colloquially called, than about winning. It’s a constant interplay between winning and losing.

But for many people, the temptation of a one-time win and the feeling of great luck is so great that they test their luck again and again, firmly convinced that the next round will bring big money and that they will win all of their previous stakes along with a big win take it out again. However, this hope is only fulfilled in the rarest of cases and the urge to keep playing all too often ends in gambling addiction – and so the gaming hall becomes a gambling den.

The addiction to keep playing has brought many people to financial ruin. Only a few manage to resist this desire on their own. Often only going to a psychologist helps.

Dreams about a casino are often associated with a dreamed win. If you want to know more about this dream and the general, psychological and spiritual interpretation of your casino dream, you’ve come to the right place!

Dream symbol “Casino” – The most common dreams about the symbol

A casino win: what is behind this dream?

If the dream image “win money in a casino” appears, this can be seen as a positive event in the dream world. However, it is precisely after such a dream situation in which a casino win plays a role that caution is advised, because the dream may herald losses in the real world. It can happen that the dreamer pushes a loved one away or that someone is taken away from him.

Dream symbol “casino” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream image “casino” symbolizes one Conflictwhich the dreamer carries with himself, but in which other people are also involved.

If you win in a dream while visiting a casino, perhaps even playing poker, this can happen in real life warning be understood before losses. These losses can be financial or interpersonal. You may be facing a separation or losing your job. However, this can also mean leaving voluntarily to start a new and better job in another company. The loss does not necessarily have to be viewed as negative.

If the dreamer plays in the casino – sometimes also written “casino” – at the roulette table, the winnings and losses there are interpreted in the opposite way in the dream analysis. This means that if you win at roulette, you risk losing in reality. If you lose money, you can count on a profit.

If you see other people playing roulette in the casino, this would convey to the dreamer that he would like to be there temptation let lead. This can also happen in very different areas. Whether you succumb to sweet seduction while snacking or rather erotic stimuli – everyone should try to find out the exact direction of interpretation for themselves in connection with their own personality.

Dream symbol “casino” – the psychological interpretation

It is also important in the psychological interpretation of dreams how exactly the dream symbol “casino” appeared in the dream. If you just see yourself standing in front of a gaming parlor without entering it, you may feel shy in your waking life Risksthe extent of which cannot yet be understood at the moment.

The emotional level is particularly important here. Maybe in the partnership area it’s about decisions, such as sharing an apartment or having children. Considering moving to another place of residence is also not an easy decision. The dream symbol does not want to stop the dreamer from doing these things. It just wants to remind him to act carefully and not hastily.

If you are happy about winning while visiting a casino, this does not always have a financial background when applied to real life. Rather, this is about ideal values. Good and reliable friends or a harmonious family life are not things that money can buy. The dreamer should be aware of this, because you often take these things for granted and only appreciate this wealth when you have lost it.

Dream symbol “casino” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream image “casino” symbolizes in a spiritual sense Temptations of life.

There’s nothing wrong with that in principle, but you shouldn’t get into a consumer frenzy and keep reminding yourself that material wealth, no matter how beautiful it may be, only distracts you from what’s important. The dreamer should strive to create a good balance here.

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