Roof gable – dream interpretation

The vertical front side of a building, which extends up to the roof, is called the gable or roof gable. If this wall even extends to the surface of the ground, it is also called a gable wall. The shape of the roof gable depends heavily on the roof construction or roof shape. The so-called gable triangle, which occurs on a gable roof, is particularly well known or the classic shape.

But why do you dream of a roof gable? Anyone who is currently dealing with the topic of “house” or “roof” probably has more connection to this dream symbol. But is this actually the case? And what can such a dream mean?

Dream symbol “roof gable” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis sees the dream image “roof gable” primarily as a symbol of a place Security. The dreamer can escape there if he does not feel up to the demands of his life. Through his dream, the sleeper should either become aware of this place of retreat again or his desire for one should be shown to him. Which place this is in the waking world can be recognized by interpreting the context of the dream.

The roof gable in the dream can also draw attention to the fact that you are in your waking life Mind gives too much importance. The dreamer lives a very “cerebral” life and pays little attention to his feelings or intuition. Even if this behavior gives the sleeper a feeling of security, he should still try to pay attention to all aspects of himself. Only then can he achieve an inner state of harmony.

A richly painted roof gable as a dream symbol is generally viewed as a symbol of prosperity and wealth viewed. If you look at a roof gable from the ground in a dream, this can also symbolize the dreamer’s longing for a safe place of refuge.

Dream symbol “roof gable” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “roof gable” can be seen as a signal of subconscious interpret. This tries to tell the dreamer through such dream content that he should bring something to safety in waking life. Because otherwise it would be lost. What object or matter it is can be determined by the further content of the dream.

A destroyed or collapsed roof gable as a dream image tries to draw attention to problems that cannot be solved through reason or logic. If you build a roof gable alone in a dream, you should realize that you can only help with the upcoming tasks wisdom will solve.

The psychological interpretation of dreams sees building a roof gable together with other people in a dream as a sign that something can only be achieved in the waking world through joint intellectual effort.

Dream symbol “roof gable” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “roof gable” can be seen as a reference to one within the spiritual interpretation of dreams spiritual refuge be understood in the waking world.

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